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American Idol 9 February 2, 2010 – Denver Auditions!

February 02, 2010 07:02 PM by Candace Young


FOX takes American Idol 9, along with host Ryan Seacrest, judges Randy Jackson, Simon Cowell, Kara Dioguardi, and guest judge, Victoria Beckham to Denver Colorado tonight! What talent emerged in the Mile High City? Read on to find out!

Day 1 Auditions

The first hopeful says he gets mistaken for celebrity Jack Black on a regular basis. Mark Labriola sings Temptation after a long tale about being on the run with his mother as a child. Simon seems fascinated by his story. He also likes his singing – all of the judges give him ‘yes’s!

Mario Galvan is up next. He stands before the judges in a long green trench coat and says he will sing Jailhouse Rock. He has a great time, but the judges aren’t feeling it – he doesn’t go through.


The next hopeful’s five year-old daughter is sure her mommy is the next American Idol! Kimberly Kerbow stuns the judge by singing that she would buy Simon some Rogaine if he needed it! All four of the judges agree – she should go on to Hollywood! After she leaves the room, the judges dish about the fact that Kimberly was wearing a wig!

Coming up in front of the judges next is Danelle Hayes, also a young mom. She strongly sings I’m the Only One. Simon says he likes her, though, and muses that she might have come in just in time to be rescued from singing at corporate parties. The other judges concur – they urge her to take out her little son to celebrate!

Casey James is a motorcycle accident survivor who is just happy to be there auditioning. Casey has a good voice, but the girls ask him to take his hair out of the ponytail and take his shirt off – musing that he has a great, model-esque look! Randy and the girls put him through, with a warning that he needs to find some personality!


Tori Kelly is a sixteen year-old who will try her luck with the panel now. She sings a John Mayer tune and impresses some of the judges with both her look and her sound! Simon, however, thinks her voice is a little annoying. Tori goes through, to end the day on a high note!

Day 2 Auditions

The second day starts off with an arrogant football player from Washington who thinks he’s fabulous. Austin Paul is actually pretty cringe-worthy! The judges warn that he comes across as cocky and his voice is annoying. They say no.

Even more confident, however, is Kenny Everett, who calls his singing in the park a ‘public service’! Of course, when he gets before the judges his voice is appalling. Simon says he sounds like he was being punched. They all pass on Kenny, but he won’t give up and sings some more. He is told repeatedly to leave…and finally does.


Ryan Seacrest comments that the air is as thin as the talent on the second day of auditions in Denver!

Nicci Nix flew all the way from Italy to audition in Denver for American Idol! She sings her song, and the judges are impressed – they put her through to Hollywood!

Miracle baby, Haeley Vaughn is ready to work her magic on the Idol judges. She was only two pounds when she was born! She sings a country/pop song and Simon calls her a cute little thing – he likes that she’s different. Haeley is allowed to bring in her family, and the judges put her through to Hollywood!


The final contestant in Denver is…wait for it…Bikini Boy, who is singing Achy Breaky Heart! The judges walk out on him!

A total of 26 go ahead from Denver. The auditions wrap up tomorrow night on FOX!

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Photos Courtesy: FOX

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