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Millionaire Matchmaker: Look Out Patti, Shauna Is Back!

February 02, 2010 09:22 PM by Jennifer


She’s back! Patti’s nightmare client from last season, Shauna, is back on an all new episode of Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo. Can Patti give this egotistical botox queen the man of her dreams, or should she send her packing again? Read on to find out….


Patti thought she had it rough last time she met Shauna, a fiesty woman who was looking for a younger man to put her on a pedestal. Now she is back and wants Patti to set her up with a sugar daddy, one who has more money than she does and who can treat her right. Shauna didn’t want to listen to Patti last time, and she is lucky Patti did not throw her out on her butt this time for telling her to shut up 10 minutes after she walks into the Millionaire’s Club. Patti tells her that if she wants the whole matchmaking thing to work, she needs to let Patti do the picking.

But finding Shauna a date isn’t the only thing Patti is worried about. She also has a brand new client named Michael, a hot 30 year old invester who is too shy and needs Patti to help him find love. Patti is going to set up a special two way mirror recruiting session for him to meet women who may peak his interests, and Patti warns him that he will not be alone. He will be able to see the prospective dates without them knowing they are being watched from another room by Michael. She is also going to have a session for Shauna at the same time, and she warns Michael that Shauna is a cougar and may hit on him, as she is into younger guys. He better keep his guard up because that Shauna is a piece of work, or as Patti calls her, a Hurricane 5 face lift!

But when Patti puts Michael in a room, she decides to test Shauna by putting her in the same room and leaving them alone to see if Shauna was lying and really wants to date a younger man. Patti is shocked when she looks at the two through the mirror and Shauna is totally flirting with Michael! Now Patti knows Shauna is at it again, not being honest with her about what she wants.


Patti proceeds to interview women with Michael watching, and she meets Natasha, a tall beautiful model type who is into yoga and swimming, and Michael likes what he sees. Next she moves onto Shauna, and brings in exactly what she said she wanted, an older man with money. Shauna’s jaw drops to the floor. Then she brings in a few younger men to see if Shauna goes back to her cougar ways. Shauna snubs her nose at all of the older men, and drools over the younger guys, even though she wants someone to take care of her and not the other way around. Patti goes behind the mirror and asks Shauna who she likes, and of course she said the 27 year old, when Patti tells her she should pick one of the older gentleman who will take care of her. But Shauna surprises Patti and says she will go out with Marc who she called “the old guy”.

Patti focuses back on Michael, who she send to an improv class to break out of his shell before he goes on his date with Natasha. When he does show up for their blind date, he brings Natasha flowers and the two decide to go kayaking. She is straight forward, which is something he is not used to. He admits to her that he saw her before the two met through the two way mirror in Patti’s office, and she admits that he gives her tingles every time he touches her. Sound like love is in the air!!

Shauna, on the other hand,is in for a rude awakening as far as her date is concerned. He sends her a red dress, which she snubs her nose at and refuses to even try on. Then she goes outside to meet Marc. When she sees him, she goes up, says hello then turns tail and runs back into the hotel!! She ran so fast she lost her shoe, and starts screaming like a maniac about how Patti tricked her and the guy looks like he is a hundred years old. She has a complete meltdown, and is totally embarrassed by being set up with Marc, and is really mad at Patti for what has happened. Shauna said that the chemistry was not there when she shook his hand. Patti calls her to see what happened, and Shauna gives her such an attitude. After some choice curse words, Patti tells her to cut her penis off, because she acts too masculine. She ends up hanging up on Patti. Patti then calls Marc and apologizes to him for Shauna’s nasty behavior. She then has Sauna come into her office and tells her she has another blind date for her, and Shauna refuses unless she can see a picture. Patti tells her off and throws her out of the club on her rear!

On a lighter note, Patti calls Natasha to see how the date with Michael went, and she is shocked to hear that he has not called her since their date. She asks Michael what happened, and he says they are better off as friends because she is a little too aggressive for him. Maybe Patti will have better luck for him in the future.

Will her job be easier with the next Millionaire client?

Tune in next Tuesday at 10PM EST to Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo to see if Patti can make another love connection! See you after the show!

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