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American Idol 9 February 3, 2010 – Last Stop Before Hollywood!

February 03, 2010 08:20 PM by Candace Young


Tonight is the final night of auditions, as American Idol gears up for Hollywood Week beginning next Tuesday night on FOX. Ryan Seacrest hosts as some of the most memorable auditions are recalled. Of course there was Larry Pratt and Pants on the Ground, which has become a sensation and is talked about in homes all over North America! Read on for more audition highlights!

Amanda Shectman does voices and can talk with her mouth closed, but she wants the judges to know she can sing too! She goes before the panel, but Simon tells her she didn’t connect with him. Amanda protests, and winds up getting four ‘yes’s!

Lee Dewyze is one of many musicians who come in with a guitar strapped to their body because it puts them in a comfort zone. Lee, and another contestant, Crystal, both were able to prove their mettle without the instruments, and get put through to the next round!

Lacey Brown is a hopeful who has come back – she was in the Top 15 in Season 8. She sings Somewhere Over the Rainbow – she has a really beautiful voice. They put her through for her second shot at Hollywood!


Stephanie Fisher went into her audition feeling lucky – and super excited to see Victoria Beckham. Her audition isn’t that great, however, and Simon stops her with the hand. He tells her it was terrible – she has a horrible voice! Victoria comes to give her a hug, and Kara follows suit.

Rachel, Thaddeus, and Genesis are three more contestants who impressed the judges with great vocals and went through to the Hollywood round!

Adrian Chandtchi is a huge seventeen year-old with a feminine voice, who is an avid swimmer. He sings Can’t Help Falling In Love With You by Elvis Presley. He has a very high voice, which cracks Randy up. Simon and Kara say his voice doesn’t match his look and send him on his way. He leaves them his number.


Michael Lynche is a muscle-bound daddy-to-be who is ready to audition. He has a strong voice and gets the Golden Ticket!

Didi Benami is auditioning for her best friend Rebecca who passed away four years ago – it’s emotional. The judges ask what she’s going to sing – she tells them Hey Jude. When she bursts into tears at the end of the song, Kara soothes her. Randy likes her. Simon gives her a small yes. Avril Lavigne does too – and she’s through to the next round!

Aaron Kelly is a contestant who had a difficult childhood and was adopted by his aunt and uncle. He’s only sixteen years old, but has a good voice, and chooses a country tune, which Simon gives him kudos for. All the judges say yes – and he leaves the room to celebrate!


Kimberly Bishop thinks her good heart and willingness to recycle will get her through. She sings a horrendous version of a Katie Perry song for the amazed judges!

Shaddaii Harris has her mom with her for moral support as she comes to audition for Idol. Unfortunately, her voice is totally off-key and the judges make her stop. Kara tells her that wasn’t even a melody. Randy informs her she can’t sing. They all say no – she’s gone.

Ryan Seacrest says they saved the best audition for last. We meet Hope Johnson, who grew up poor, but explains that she didn’t know it when she was little – she thought a lot of kids didn’t eat dinner. She goes in to sing for the judges in Dallas – she sings I Hope You Dance for them. Kara finds her interesting, so does Randy. Simon likes her too – they all give her the go ahead – she’s off to Hollywood!


Out of over 100,000 only 181 are headed to Hollywood. Next week, Ellen DeGeneres begins her time with the judging panel, as Hollywood Week begins!

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Photos Courtesy: FOX

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