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Launch My Line: We Have A Winner!

February 03, 2010 08:50 PM by Lisa Princ


Tonight is the second half of our season finale of Launch My Line on BRAVO. As Merle, Eric and Kathy compete for the grand prize, how will they handle the pressure? What exactly has Kathy so nervous and will she finish in time after last’s week time crunch? The contestants also get a surprise visitor who gets a sneak peak at their lines, but you’ll have to keep reading for all the fashion filled details!

As the time until the final launch dwindles down on Launch My Line on BRAVO the contestants got a quick visit from fashion guru Fergie who looked through their designs and seemed to love them all! Now it was crunch time and as we saw last week, Merle was pretty much finished up with her line by the end of the show, so this week she was just adding the finishing touches while Eric & Galina worked on finishing their line which was almost complete.


Kathy, on the other hand was no where near done and in dire need of Jim, but Jim was no where to be found. As his dress sit there untouched, Kathy & Emil scurried to get their designs done. Their original plan for the ruffles did not work as they had planned so they improvised and started cutting the dress to make it into a fabulous red dress that even the most famed designers would be proud of. Finally after a few hours Jim showed up claiming care troubles and apologizing to Kathy, whom at this point wanted to strangle him. She remained calm though and they ended up finishing their designs on time.

Next it was time for the final runway show on Launch My Line on BRAVO and Merle & Thai were up first. They had created an absolutely stunning sequined evening gown, along with an adorable ruffle dress and pocket dress, all of which were convertible as Merle is so famous for on the show. While the judges were knocked out by her evening gown, they were not thrilled that every design was convertible, claiming the repetitiveness of it was getting old.

Then it was Eric & Galina’s turn on Launch My Line on BRAVO whom created a sexy, revealing evening gown along with a tight, sexy blue ruffle dress which was by far my favorite of the entire show. Eric also created a hot denim pocket dress that even had a pocket for a lipstick tube, how creative! The judges seemed very impressed with Eric’s line, and loved how he took their critique week after week and evolved.


Last but not least were Kathy and Emil. Despite their rough finish due to the time crunch, they managed to pull through and complete all their outfits. Kathy created the beautiful red ruffled dress as well a zebra fabric pocket dress which incorporated her signature belt look and her evening gown was a flowing, backless gown that oozed red carpet. The judges seemed to like her her collection, but had a few pieces that they were not crazy about.

After much deliberation on Launch My Line on BRAVO, Dan & Dean first told Eric that his line had been dropped even though they loved him and felt he was a “newborn”. They also assured him he would definitely make it into the fashion industry. As Merle and Kathy stood and waited nervously, the judges turned to Kathy and told her that they were going to be launching her line! Merle looked stunned and upset and the judges didn’t say anything to her, it was very strange. Congratulations to Kathy & Emil, we look forward to seeing your line on the racks!

That wraps up season one of Launch My Line on BRAVO. Hopefully we will see a season two in the future!

The season may be over, but we’re still chatting! Come join us on the Reality TV Magazine message boards and share your opinions and thoughts on the show!

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Photos courtesy of: BRAVO

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