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Paranormal State: Mother’s Love

February 03, 2010 09:25 AM by Lisa Princ


Last night on a brand new episode of Paranormal State on A&E Ryan Buell and the PRS team travels to Pennsylvania to help a mother and son being tormented by what they think is the spirit of a boy. PRS thinks it may be linked to Cathy’s parenting, but the question remains: will they find any evidence to back up the clients’ claims of paranormal activity? Keep reading for all the chilling details!

Cathy and her family claim they are hearing voices on Paranormal State on A&E which they believe are of the spirit of a boy. Immediately after interviewing the family, Ryan brings in medium Michelle blind folded to see if she can get anything from the home without any knowledge of anything that’s been going on. Michelle picks up on a spirit that she describes to be masculine, but not a man, just a manly female. She gets the impressions that the female spirit is angry and unhappy over something to do with her sons thus why the family’s son, Michael is being affected.

Upon digging deeper into home’s history on Paranormal State on A&E, Elfie of the PRS team discovers that the home was once occupied by a very overbearing mother and her sons. The mother, who was described to be “husky” had dressed up as a man at one point and was accused of murdering her son’s fiancee with a hammer. It seemed she had a very close relationship with her sons and oddly enough, it matched up completely with what Michelle had felt from the female spirit.


Next up was dead time on Paranormal State on A&E and with the exception of a flash of light, there was no real evidence aside from Michelle claiming to hear walking & voices. Michael claimed he was getting cold feelings, and they thought that the spirit was there with them. Katrina of PRS went to the previous owner who happened to be a mortician to see if he had experienced anything in the past, and he claimed he had not.

In closing, Ryan Buell and the gang of PRS decided that the paranormal activity was most likely caused by the spirit of a boy who was relating to Michael. They felt that Cathy’s loving parenting had attracted the spirit and if she laid down some ground some rules the spirit should not be a problem. Cathy did just that by letting the spirit know that he was allowed to stay, but not allowed to frighten her or her son because that angered her. To date, she claims there is still paranormal activity in her home, but they are learning to take control and deal with it.

Be sure to join us next Tues at 10 pm EST on A&E for the season finale of Paranormal State.

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