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Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains — Randy Ready To Rumble

February 03, 2010 01:42 PM by Ryan Haidet


The nastiest, self-proclaimed villain from Survivor: Gabon is back for more as he takes on 19 other competitors in Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains.  Randy Bailey spoke with RealityTVMagazine‘s Ryan Haidet during the Survivor 10th anniversary party in Hollywood last month about what to expect from the upcoming battle of good and evil.  As always, Randy used his sharp tongue and quick wit to verbally assault fellow contestants, himself and the concept of marriage.  Read on to find out which castaway he jokes about wanting to see perish in a plane crash, who he labels a loser, if he still talks to Crystal and what his strategy was the second time around.

RealityTVMagazine — Ryan Haidet:  What is it like to be part of Heroes Vs. Villains?

Randy Bailey:  Every season of Survivor, you got to have good guys and bad guys.  Just like old Westerns, you got to have guys in the white hats and guys in black hats.  You got to label me one way or the other.  Villain — I mean, you look like me.  (If) you’re my age, I gotta be a villain even though I’m very kind, generous and thoughtful.  And I am.  I’m not being sarcastic.


RTVMag:  What was it like arriving on the island and seeing Sugar there?

Randy:  I knew she was coming for a long time.  I looked over at her, and actually I was hoping the plane would crash and she would be tragically killed — but I was on the same plane.  So I didn’t want that to happen.

RTVMag:  Did you go into the game with a different strategy?

Randy:  In Gabon, I feel like I was head and shoulders more knowledgeable than any of the other players.  Four or five people knew how to play the game.  Funny enough, most of them didn’t make the jury.  Jacquie and Ace didn’t make the jury — they knew what they were doing.  Corrinne and Charlie made the jury — they knew what they were doing.  That’s about it.  Kenny had a clue, but not so much.


I knew that this season there would be built-in grudges going back 10 years.  I knew Colby and Jerri, regardless of what they say, they still want to beat each other.  I know that feud’s there.  I know there’s other feuds there.  I am thinking, and it was my strategy, that I don’t have to do crap for maybe a month.  When Colby says, “Jerri’s horrible.”  I can say, to use Colby’s verbage, “Darn tootin’ she is, cowboy.  She’s horrible.  Let’s get rid of her.”  Or if Jerri says, “We’ve got to get Colby first,” I’m like, “I’m with ya.”  I figured I could do that for a month or whatever, and then I’ll wake up one day and there will be four, five, six of us left, and I’d say, “OK, it’s time to start playing.”


RTVMag:  Did you have any loyalty to the Villain’s tribe or did that not even matter?

Randy:  I had some loyalty to certain people.  Let’s just say some of them were villains and some of them were heroes.  You know, I’m tired.  I’m drunk.  I’m hungry.  I want to go to bed.  Let me just say, a lot of the heroes are a million times worse than the worst villain.

RTVMag:  Can you give us a name?

Randy:  Of course not.  Well, I’ll give you my name — Randy.  Hopefully they’ll show you this season that the heroes are not always heroes and the villains aren’t always villains.


RTVMag:  What advice would you give to somebody who wants to play Survivor?

Randy:  Don’t do it.  Any advice?  Kill yourself.  Just put the barrel of a gun in your mouth and blow your friggin’ head off.  I mean, it’s easier.  Just one shot.

RTVMag:  Do you still talk to Crystal?

Randy:  Why would I talk to Crystal?  Why would I?  I mean, seriously? …


There’s two Crystals.  There’s the Crystal that tries to play the Olympian badass, and she’s a joke.  A complete joke.  And then there’s a Crystal that’s a nice, caring mother that attempts to be a human, and she’s pretty nice.  She’s intelligent, and I like her.  But when she’s like the Olympian, I’m like…  It’s stupid to go back and talk about what happened in Gabon.  Crystal will never be on again, she was a joke.  She went into Gabon saying, “I’m trying to figure out things, whether I’m going to go for the gold again or what.”  And I’m just like, “You weigh 220 pounds.  I’m a 50-year-old man, and I beat you up the hill by a week.  You, an Olymic athlete?”  I knew she was just fooling herself.

The public thinks so many people that are Survivors, there’s something special about us.  We’re all a bunch of losers.  Everyone’s a loser.  Even the winners are losers.


RTVMag:  Bob?

Randy:  Bob is so dumb.  He is so stupid, it’s amazing.  Even the real winners like Hunter Ellis, Terry Deitz, Tom Westman.  The real heroes — firemen — they’re worse than any of them.  But what’s crazy is they don’t know it.  They believe what they saw on TV.  I know that I’m off the bell curve, but anyway.

RTVMag:  So are you still a wedding videographer?

Randy:  Yeah, every day.

RTVMag:  And you’re not a fan of marriage at all?

Randy:  Hate it.  I laugh.  I listen to best man toasts and laugh my ass off.  I see the bride cry during the vows, and I’m like “You’re going to be cheating within a year.”


Game images courtesy of CBS.  Picture of Randy at CBS party and logo above taken by Ryan Haidet.

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Which side will you be rooting for?  The season kicks off February 11 on CBS.

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