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Supernanny: Mann Family

February 05, 2010 07:27 PM by Lisa Princ


Supernanny is all new on ABC tonight as Jo Frost travels to San Diego, CA to help the Mann Family. These parents of  four, including triplets, are way too physical when it comes to discipline and dad has no confidence when alone with the children. Will Jo be able to save this family before it’s too late? Keep reading for all the details!

Supernanny has her hands full tonight on ABC with the Mann family. Mom, Melissa and Dad, Mark are at their wits end with their four children. Their 5 year old daughter, Naomi acts like a 3 year old throwing temper tantrums and verbally abusing her parents. It has gotten to the point where Melissa told Jo Frost that she does not like her daughter and doesn’t even want her in her home or around the other children.

After watching the family for the day, Supernanny knows exactly where the problems lie. Melissa and Mark are too physical when it comes to disciplining the children, using paddles to spank them. She also notices that Melissa will spank them and then hug them which is sending the mixed signals. Mark has no confidence what so ever when it comes to the children so he is very withdrawn and it is affecting the children more than they know.


Supernanny Jo Frost first shows the parents the proper discipline methods, using the time out chair. It takes Melissa and Mark some time to get used to, but they eventually get it. 5 year old Naomi however is not having it as within a few seconds of her first time out, she is taunting Melissa, Mark and even Supernanny! Bedtime is also a disaster for her and she screams and throws a tantrum until she gets her way. Melissa even admits to getting too physical with Naomi at times because she cannot take her behavior.

After what turns out to a be a stressful trip to the beach, Supernanny notices how uninvolved Mark really is and decides to send mom away for the day so dad can have the entire day alone with the children. With all four kids at the park, Naomi starts to disobey and Supernanny makes sure dad is firm, and sure enough it works! Next, she sets Mark up with a group of other dads who also have triplets, which seems to be great for Mark as he hears that he is not alone and now has a safe haven to turn to when he had enough.

Next on Supernanny on ABC Jo works on bedtime with the children. She starts by replacing the three year old triplets cribs with new beds. Once again Naomi is not having any part of it, but Jo makes sure Melissa and Mark stay firm with her. After 2 hours and 22 attempts at getting out of bed, it finally pays off as both Naomi and her little brother are now fast asleep. Lastly, Jo sets up special time with Melissa and Naomi as she feels they need to work on their relationship. Melissa and Mark seem to have everything down at this point, so Supernanny says goodbye.

Let’s hope this family stays on track and Melissa and Mark can mend their relationship with Naomi! Be sure to tune in next Friday at 8 pm EST for another episode of Supernanny on ABC.

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