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CBS Unveils Undercover Boss Tonight After the Super Bowl

February 07, 2010 10:29 AM by Nancy Floyd


CBS has given the highly coveted post-Super Bowl spot to a new reality show called Undercover Boss! The show features corporate bigwigs going undercover to work in a low level position for the companies they manage. Keep reading for  a sneak peek at tonight’s episode…

Every week on Undercover Boss, a high-profile exec will turn in their white collar shirt for a blue collared one and get their hands dirty among the employees in their own company. The executives will leave the comfort of their impressive offices to work anonymously among their workforce to get a greater understanding of how their decisions impact others, the problems that exist within their company, and the underappreciated men and women who keep things running smoothly.

In tonight’s episode, Larry O’Donnell, President and Chief Operating Officer of Waste Management, goes undercover to labor alongside his hard-working employees. O’Donnell’s responsibilities will include cleaning port-a-potties, separating waste at a recycling plant, retrieving trash from a landfill, and even getting the axe. That’s right! The guy running this operation actually gets fired!

O’Donnell agreed to Undercover Boss with hopes of getting an insider’s peek at his workforce, as well as determining where any major issues or problems may lie within the company.

Future episodes of Undercover Boss include the Presidents and C.E.O’s of Hooters and 7-Eleven and an executive board member from White Castle. ”Everyone has daydreamed about watching the boss do their job,” CBS Entertainment President, Nina Tassler says.  ”The journey of watching a chief executive walk a mile in their employees’ shoes is always very revealing, often humorous and, in some cases, very inspiring.”

Undercover Boss debuts tonight after the Super Bowl.

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