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Intervention: Marquel’s Story

February 08, 2010 08:14 PM by Jennifer


Tonight we meet Marquel, a supermom from South Beach who is addicted to working out and alcohol. As with previous addicts, she knows she is appearing on a documentary about addiction. What she does not know is she will soon face an Intervention on A&E, and boy does she explode! Keep reading to see how!


Marquel is a fitness class instructor, who exercises up to seven hours a day. Her family believes she has an addiction to working out, and that she also is struggling with bulimia, so much to the extent that she had veneers put on her teeth to cover the decay that often is a side effect of binging and purging her food. The lack of eating she does during the day intensifies the effects of alcohol, which she enjoys. She drinks until she passes out, and was once hospitalized for alcohol poisoning. Her family is afraid for her life because she has a history of hit and run and DUI, and they fear one day she will kill herself or someone else.

Marquel grew up wanting to please her father, and when she was 13 her mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. Two years later she died, and her father gave her and her siblings little time to mourn. A year after she dies, her dad ended up remarrying and Marquel was off to college. This seems to be where most of her partying and drinking started.


She finally found some peace when she met her husband and had two children, a girl and a boy. Her life was finally complete, and she seemed like she had her life in check, trying to be the best homemaker like her mother, and it bothered her if she thought she was doing a bad job. This started to put some stress in her life, and she started going out and frequenting night clubs. She ended up splitting up with her husband and quitting her job as a teacher to become an exercise instructor, and became an avid party goer in South Beach.

One afternoon her family was supposed ot get together with her for brunch, and she ended up showing up hours late because she spent the night before partying and getting drunk. This is the last straw. The family meets with Interventionist Candy Finnigan, and as she tries to learn about Marquel, the family members tell Candy how Marquel’s kids are at risk, once being left alone all night while she was passed out cold in a club.


As on previous episodes of Intervention on A&E, Marquel preps for having a final interview for a documentary. Unlike the others, however, Candy suggests that they go to her because there is no guarantee she will even show up. When her father walk into her home, she gets a glimpse of the rest of the family standing behind him, and she gets up and tries to run, getting into an altercation with several family members.

Her kids are heartbroken seeing this all go down, and Marquel makes her way out of her building, followed by her dad. He tries to explain to her that she needs help, but all she can talk about is exercise classes she would miss, and that she is not going anywhere. She ends up leaving and telling her family she is not coming back. They find out from Marquel’s roommate that she thought that she was being setup for an Intervention, and her roommate admits she said she thought it was.

Eventually she agrees to return to her apartment to speak with her family only. They start arguing about how much they love her, and Candy interrupts, explaining to her that she deserves a better life, and so does her kids, and that she needs to make a choice and has until the next afternoon to decide to get help for her emotional issues tied with losing her mother, and her obsession with drinking and fitness.

The deadline comes and goes, and Marquel does not accept the offer of treatment, and her family is clearly heartbroken, but they remain focused on getting her kids the proper care that they deserve. They also follow Candy’s advice by not keeping in contact with her, hoping that will drive her to seek help. As of the end of the episode, she had not sought treatment, and her family has stopped speaking to her. It’s too bad though, because it seems like when people do accept help, they end up getting their lives back, and it is sad that there are kids involved.

Hopefully next week, they will have more luck!!

Tune in next Monday at 9PM EST to Intervention on A&E to find out if another life can be saved. See you after the show!

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