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The Bachelor: Hometown Dates!

February 08, 2010 07:57 PM by Candace Young


This week on ABC’s The Bachelor, Jake Pavelka will visit the families and hometowns of the remaining four bachelorettes. How will Jake fare with the overprotective fathers and mothers? Read on to find out the highlights of tonight’s episode!

Jake is excited about the hometown dates – to see the girls’ stomping grounds, as well as to win the approval of their families – he could be proposing to one of them very soon!


Jake will visit Gia in New York City first. They greet each other very enthusiastically – she wraps her legs around his waist and he spins her around! Gia tells him they are going on a boat, where she points out some of the landmarks such s the Empire State Building. Jake takes windblown photos of her out on the water. They both admit that they’re nervous about him meeting her family. Jake admits he’s curious about Gia’s past relationships. Gia tells him that her ex was a terrible guy who cheated with all of her friends.


Gia and Jake go to meet her mother (who she calls her best friend), her brother, and stepbrother. Once they’re seated, Gia’s mother asks Jake some questions – she’s concerned that he’s not all that serious about Gia, and that she could get hurt. She makes Jake admit that he’s fallen for four women, but he adds that Gia is unique. Gia’s brother tells her to be careful, but tells the camera that he believes Jake would treat her right. Gia’s mom assures her she sees the love in Jake’s eyes when he looks at her, but Gia insists that he does the same thing with the other girls. Jake assures Gia’s brothers that he is protective, but not jealous.

The date ends on a high note, as both Jake and Gia feel everything went very well with her family.


Williamstown, Massachusetts is Ali’s childhood hometown, where Jake will meet her and her family. Jake greets her with a deep kiss and he comments that his relationship with her is really strong. Before long, Jake complains of the cold, telling Ali he’s a big baby! They admire the fall leaves, joke around, laugh, and do a lot of kissing. Ali takes Jake to her late grandmother’s house, where she explains that she was more like a mother to her. Jake is moved that she would bring him there and share that with him.


Soon, they go to meet Ali’s family – her mom, older sister, and younger brother. Mom makes a toast to Ali, who they’ve missed, and to Jake, who they are happy to meet. Jake learns that Ali’s mom is impressed that he’s looking for someone with a good heart, not just good looks. They head outside to chat. Ali talks to her sister, saying that she’s not nervous at all, and that she knew they would love Jake. Outside, Jake tells Mom that family is very important to him, and he’s blown away by Ali! She tells Jake he seems sincere, and he would have her blessing to propose.

Ali and Jake have some alone time outside. Ali thinks the meeting went perfectly. Jake tells her he loves her mom and family. Ali blows Jake away by telling him she wants to be there in the end – if he asked her today, she would say ‘yes’! Jake takes her face in his hands and kisses her.


Jake next goes to Newberg, Oregon to meet with Tenley and her family. They happily greet one another, giggling that they haven’t seen each other for a while. They find a spot to sit, and Tenley asks Jake about his relationship with his parents. He says he runs most everything by his parents, but makes his own decisions and wants to be a team with his wife – she’s relieved. They go to see the dance studio where her heart lies – she’ll dance for him there. He beams as she does a lyrical routine choreographed for him. They dance together afterward.


That night, Jake meets Tenley’s parents and her sister – he expects that her parents will be the most protective. Tenley’s father takes Jake upstairs to talk man-to-man. Robert tells Jake that he senses he is a man of integrity. Jake assures him that he is that man – he was raised to do the right thing. Tenley’s father later tells her that he was pleased by his conversation with Jake. Tenley’s mom then talks to Jake. He asks her if she thinks Tenley would be ready to go down the marriage road again. Mom says that Tenley will have emotional spillover, but she will move forward. Before the end of the night, Jake checks with her father about asking for her hand in marriage. He gives his blessing, and they share a hug.


Vienna is a Florida girl, born and raised, and is convinced that Jake will fall in love with her there. They head out on the river to see manatees and gators. They discuss her father, and Vienna says that he has never liked the guys she dated, or the guy she married.


As they go to her house to meet her family, Jake wonders what type of questions Vienna’s father will have for him. Jake meets the family and Vienna goes off with her dad, telling him that she is falling hard for Jake. Next, Dad takes Jake out in his mini-garage, where he informs him that it makes him uncomfortable that he’s dating four women. Jake does his best to reassure him. Jake spends time with Vienna in her room, and her dad makes them giggle by saying he’ll be right outside the door!

Ali’s Drama

Ali comes to Jake and tearfully explains that she has to choose between him and her job! She will be fired if she remains with the show. Jake is devastated, and Ali leaves Jake’s room and collapses in the hallway, weeping.

Jake wakes up the next day with optimism. Chris Harrison quizzes Jake about how he feels. Jake tells him he will be thrilled if Ali chooses to stay, but it will also put tremendous pressure on him if she quits her job for him. Chris urges Jake to try to figure out what he’s going to do and say – he’ll go get the girls.


Jake admits that he’s fallen for all four women, but tonight the tables have turned and he has no idea what is going to happen. Jake thinks he’s found love, but this time it’s not his decision to make.

Rose Ceremony

As the four girls assemble, Ali asks to speak to Chris for a moment. He in turn, lets Ali have sometime alone with Jake. She tells the camera that she feels like she’s choosing between a man she loves and a job she loves. Jake tells her he knows what he wants her to do, but it has to be her idea. He admits he doesn’t want her to go, and asks what she felt when they kissed. Ali says she felt she was falling in love. He tells her she needs to weigh that. Jake goes one step further and tells her she wasn’t on the line tonight – they have something special.

Chris comes in and asks Ali if she’s made her decision – is she going to stay or go? Ali cries. She tells Jake she has to go, and she’s so, so sorry. Jake cries as they embrace.


Jake walks Ali outside where she continues to cry as they approach the limousine. Jake says it feels like she’s slipping through his fingers and he doesn’t know how to stop her. They hug and cry some more. As the limo goes off, Jake searches for inner strength – he wasn’t expecting to have his heart broken again.

Chris tells the other three women that Ali has left, and leaves them to Jake, who gives them their roses. He manages a smile on his face again as he tells them that they are going to St. Lucia tomorrow!

Does anyone else feel like we haven’t seen the last of Ali? I’m guessing she’ll come back – just like Ed did with Jillian on The Bachelorette. Maybe not – we’ll have to keep watching to find out!

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