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The Biggest Loser: Olympic Inspiration

February 09, 2010 08:18 PM by Lisa Princ

Tonight on a brand new episode of The Biggest Loser on NBC, the contestants along with Bob Harper & Jillian Michaels head to Colorado Springs, CO to the Olympic Training Facility. While they train and exercise with some of the United States’ best athletes, some contestants are having a hard time focusing after John’s emotional departure last week. Keep reading to find out which two, yes, two losers will be headed home this week!

The contestants headed to the Olympic training facility tonight on The Biggest Loser on NBC where they got to meet some of the best athletes in the United States. After getting some inspiration from five-time Paralympian Alison Jones and some expert nutrition advice from, it was straight to work for the losers. Ali started them off by letting them know that they would not be competing as teams this week, but as individuals. But that’s not all…..there would also be two contestants going home this week. The contestant with the lowest percentage of weight loss would be automatically eliminated, and then the two next lowest would fall below the yellow line for elimination voting.

Now the fun began as the contestants were greeted by Olympian hopeful and short track speedskater J.R. Celski who would show them exactly how to complete their pop challenge on The Biggest Loser on NBC. They would be sliding back and forth on a board, simulating a skater and would have to hit the edges of the board with their feet. For each stroke hit, would count as one and they needed to reach 500, and there would be 3 prizes given out this week in honor of the three medals in the Olympic games.

As Miggy, Darrell and Oneal could not participate due to medical issues, Koli and Sam struggled as they were feeling stressed from the departure of their dear friend, John. Koli admitted to Bob that he was depressed since he felt John should have been there instead of himself. Sam picked it up however was neck in neck with Melissa the entire time, but eventually Sam pulled through and was the first to complete the challenge. Melissa came in second, followed by Sunshine in third place.


Next it was time for the main challenge on The Biggest Loser on NBC as the contestants met Paralympic biathlete Kelly Underkofler. Kelly instructed them that they would have to complete a biathalon fitness challenge which consisted of firing shots at a target with the person getting five targets on their name being eliminated from the challenge. For winning the other challenge Sam, Melissa, and Sunshine got to take shots at other players. Melissa and Sunshine took their shots which totaled three at Sam. Sam fired back and gave Melissa two shots and Sunshine one shot. Ultimately the fitness challenge came down to Darrell and Oneal, in which Oneal was a second quicker than Darrell so he ended up winning immunity.

After their last chance workout with Bob Harper, Jillian Michaels and two-time U.S. figure skating national champion Rockne Brubaker, it was time for their weigh in. Here is how our contestants did this week in as singles:

Green: Miggy from 206 to 199 (-7) for a total of 3.4%

Gray: Koli from 335 to 326 (-9) for a total of % ; Sam from 310 to 298 (-12) for a total of 3.87%

Orange: Cheryl from 194 to 191 (-3) for a total of 1.55% ; Daris from 283 to 274 (-9) for a total of 3.18%

Black: Andrea from 262 to 255 (-7) for a total of 2.67% ; Darrell from 343 to 338 (-5) for a total of 1.46%

Purple: Stephanie from 225 to 221 (-4) for a total of 1.78%

Red: Lance from 314 to 305 (-9) for a total of 2.87% ; Melissa from 198 to 199 (+1) for a total of %

Pink: Ashley from 317 to 311 (-6) for a total of 1.89% ; Sherry from 180 to 177 (-3) for a total of 1.67%

White: Mike from 443 to 432 (-11) for a total of 2.48%

Yellow: Oneal from 333 to 325 (-8) (had immunity) & Sunshine from 245 to 239 (-6) for a total of 2.45%


This meant that Melissa fell below the red line on The Biggest Loser and would be sent home immediately. She claimed she did not understand her body, but I have to wonder since she knew the game so well as past weeks have proven if she intentionally did this to ensure her husband’s stay on the ranch. To date, Melissa is now down 50+ lbs and is currenly weighing in the mid 170′s. Great to know she is keeping up her exercise, fitness and weight loss as she has also taken up boxing. Way to go Melissa, we’ll see you at the finale!

Now we were also left with two contestants under the yellow line, Darrell and Cheryl. But instead of having a normal elimination vote off, things were changed a bit on The Biggest Loser on NBC as they would have to duel it out in a challenge, Olympic style to see whom would be sent home. They would both have to balance a huge & heavy Olympic torch on their heads, and whoever caved first would be sent home. After 6 minutes and both them still holding up their torches, we were advised that would not know who wins until the next episode. I hate when they leave us hanging, and even worse is that we must wait until after the Olympic Games to see the new episode.

Remember to tune in after the Olympics Games are over in 3 weeks for a brand new episode of The Biggest Loser on NBC. See you after the show!

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