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Shear Genius: One Leaves By Choice!

February 10, 2010 09:09 PM by Jennifer


It’s all about color on tonight’s episode of Shear Genius on Bravo. The stylists must turn blond nightmares into blond bombshells. Who will be able to cut it and who will be sent packing? Keep reading to find out!


In a shocking turn of events, Giacomo takes himself out of the competition, saying he has three little babies at home and misses them too much to go on. They are sad to see him go , but it gives each of them more of a chance to become the Shear Genius.

Camila announces the next Shortcut challenge, and each of the ten remaining stylist draws a number and gets a client who clearly has over processed badly done bleach jobs that they must turn into healthy, sexy hairstyles. Brig draws the last number and realizes she may get the woman with the most tragically over colored hair that looks like it is going to fall off. She devises a plan and begs Matthew not to take that client, saying she really wanted her, which was a total lie, and he fell for it hook line and sinker!

As the stylists get their clients in the chairs, they realize these women with fried hair still want to remain the typical Hollywood blond… but Amy’s girl was not willing to do anything different to her hair. Faatemah is unhappy with hers as well, as she also wanted to remain blond. Colorist extraordinaire Kim Vo is baffled at the amount of stylists who are keeping the models with their same hair color. Brig’s model agrees to red, and Matthew’s fried model agrees to go darker.

Just as everything seems to be going smoothly, a loud scream is heard, and Brian realizes that he got bleach in his model’s eye. As he rinses out her eye, as well as her hair, he runs out of time.


When the finished styles are revealed, Brian’s model made the judges say they would not even let her leave the salon that way. What was he thinking? The rest of the stylists gave the model’s nice color changes and highlights, and Matthew completely changed his model’s hair to a beautiful reddish brown.

As the judges deliberate, and Kim chooses Adee, April, and Brian as the bottom three for their unfinished, sloppy styles. Jon, Matthew and Janine were chosen as the top three, and Matthew was chosen the winner. He did a great job with the model he was tricked into taking. He wins an advantage in the next elimination challenge.

The stylists are brought to the famous Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood for the debut of of a new menu at a restaurant. The stylists must interpret a dish from the menu into a hairstyle that will be worn by servers at the event. They each get to try a dish, and must use that for inspiration. Janine has immunity for this challenge, and Matthew has the advantage, getting to switch dishes with any other stylists.


They find their dish and their models, and the clock ticks away. Tey find whatever they can from Styrofoam balls to food to create what resembles dishes from seafood to a cheeseburger. Most of the stylists were inspired by the colors and textures of their dish. Amy realized that the other stylists were going for the glam, while others thought Brig was creating a train wreck.

Their two hours is up and they head back to the hotel, where judges Kim Vo, Jonathan Antin, and Joel Warren, from Warren Tracomi Salons. As the stylists revealed their looks, some played it safe with color, while Adee had a half neat half messy look to his model. When it came down to judging, the experts chose Jon, Matthew and Brian as the top three, and Jon is revealed as the winner of the challenge. The bottom thre are Arzo, Brig and Amy, and for Arzo it is revealed that this was her final cut, and she was eliminated.

It is now down to nine… who will be the next to go? Find out next week and I’ll see you after the show!

Tune in next Wednesday at 10 pm EST to an all new episode of Shear Genius on Bravo.

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