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The Bachelor’s Host Chris Harrison: “You Haven’t Seen the Last of Ali and Jake”

February 10, 2010 02:00 PM by Nancy Floyd


Fans of ABC’s The Bachelor were shocked this week when front-runner Ali left the show to return to work. The decision was obviously a tough one for both Ali and The Bachelor Jake Pavelka, but in a new interview with TV Guide, Chris Harrison, host of the ABC dating reality show, says “you haven’t seen the last of Ali and Jake.” Keep reading to find out more…

It was obvious to viewers of Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor that Jake Pavelka, the sexy pilot looking for a wife, did not want to let Ali Fedotowsky go. After a teary goodbye, fans witnessed Ali question her decision as she drove away in the show’s limo. Previews for next week indicate that Ali calls Jake while he’s vacationing with the remaining three bachelorettes in St. Lucia.

The Bachelor host, Chris Harrison says, “You haven’t seen the last of Ali and Jake and their situation is not over. Obviously you could tell when she left, on both sides, they’re not done. I’m really proud of the way they handle what’s to come.”

A clearly distraught Ali spent three hours talking with Jake during the rose ceremony as she tried to make the difficult decision between her job and a chance at love, but in the end she chose her career over The Bachelor. Harrison weighs in, “I know that Jake was definitely falling in love with her, but I also know that she’s not the only one. Usually we are more cryptic on The Bachelor by not really saying, ‘You’re the one’ or ‘You would get a rose.’ But he basically told her: Don’t leave, I’m falling in love with you.”

According to Harrison, when he spoke with The Bachelor afterwards, Jake said, “You can’t make that choice for somebody, you can’t say leave your job for me … I want her to want to leave her job for me or take that chance. I just wanted to give her as much information as I could and in the end it was her choice and she left.”

Regardless of whether or not Ali returns, rumors have been circulating for weeks that Jake’s final rose goes to the self-professed Daddy’s Girl, Vienna. Despite the villainous way that Vienna has been portrayed on the reality show, Harrison has spent the past few weeks doing interviews that attempt to improve her bad public image. “I think she’s gotten a bit of a bad rap. The Vienna we’ve seen in the house around the other girls is very much a defense mechanism and survival instincts and being ganged-up on. Some of it was deserved, some of it was jealousy….I think she’s very sincere and very emotional and very much a family girl. I think the Vienna that Jake sees is more of the real Vienna,” the host says.

Jake is off to St. Lucia next week with the remaining three bachelorettes, Gia, Tenley, and Vienna. Regardless of how the show ends, one thing’s for sure: this season of the Bachelor is turning into the most dramatic season….EVER!!!

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