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Models of the Runway: The Claws Come Out

February 11, 2010 11:29 PM by Nancy Floyd


The claws come out on tonight’s episode of Models of the Runway when the girls pose for a photo shoot with Marie Claire’s Editor-in-Chief and another model is sent packing. Keep reading for all the drama-filled details…

Tonight’s episode of Models of the Runway opens with the models gathered together to see which designer will be ousted from Project Runway. Cerri is nervous about her fate when her designer partner, Anna is eliminated. Cerri expresses her worry but her thick Irish brogue makes it practically impossible for anyone to understand what she’s saying. I did catch something about “me lucky charms” in there.


Afterwards, Heidi Klum gathers the girls around for a dull Q-and-A session where most of the models have nothing but kind words to say about the designers they’ve worked with thus far. Everyone except Alexis, that is, who spouts off about the show being a competition and how it doesn’t matter if a designer is nice or not. Spoken like a true bee-otch.

Back at the house, Alexis tells the girls about a dream she had that featured Megan. In Alexis’ dream, Megan kept getting fatter and fatter. Wow. So this is the stuff that models have nightmares about? Fascinating. Megan’s not a fan and Alexis can’t figure out why she’d be so offended. Maybe because she hasn’t had a proper meal in roughly 14 years. Just a guess.

Next the girls are off to a photo shoot with Marie Claire’s Editor-in-Chief Joanna Coles. There’s a rack of plain blue men’s dress shirts and a tray of accessories for the girls to choose from to express their own individuality and personality. While most of the girls hop around and smile cutely for the cameras, Alexis comes out with the shirt completely unbuttoned and barely covering up her lady parts. She feels “sexy and confident” but Joanna Coles doesn’t seem too impressed by her blatant attempt at sex appeal. Meanwhile, Brandise starts her shoot off by saying that she knows she’s not as pretty as the other girls. Smart opening line for a girl who is trying to make a living by being pretty.

Later that night, Alexis tries to make peace with the girls in the house by apologizing to Megan. She then tries to justify her dream by looking up dream meanings on the Internet and showing Megan that a dream about getting fat means prosperity. After all, if it says it on Wikipedia, it must be true, right?

Time for elimination. Heidi Klum brings the models out onto the runway in front of the Project Runway designers. There’s twelve models and eleven designers. Since I know models aren’t known for their academic achievements, allow me to do the math. One girl is going home. Alexis has heard rumors that the other girls are gunning for her to leave. Pulling a line straight out of the reality show mean girl handbook, she says, “I’m here to win the game. I’m not here to make friends.” Man, I didn’t see that one coming.


The models are picked by the designers one-by-one (including Alexis) until it’s down to three blondes: Alison, Cerri, and Kasey. After Alison is chosen, it comes to designer Mila’s choice. She chooses Cerri meaning Kasey will be leaving the house. All of the girls, save one, are saddened by this news. Guess who is not so sad? That’s right….Alexis. She’s happy to see Kasey go because she is one of the strongest girls in the house and her departure will make the other girls weaker. It’s a wonder how anyone could hate Alexis after a remark like that.

Tune in to Models of the Runway next week for more catty drama on the runway!

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