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Project Runway: Heidi Klum on Marie Claire

February 11, 2010 10:39 PM by Nancy Floyd


Tonight’s episode of Project Runway features one of the biggest challenges the show has ever seen with a prize that everyone is dying for! The competition is getting fierce as the remaining twelve designers go head-to-head for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Keep reading to find out how it all goes down…

Tonight’s episode of Project Runway opens when a very pregnant Heidi Klum greets the designers on the runway to prep them for their next challenge. The stunning host (who, at 7 or 8 months pregnant, looks way hotter than most of us could hope to look on our best day) tells the designers they’ll be creating “a look that better be picture perfect.”

Naturally Tim Gunn is waiting to meet them at a new location: the Hearst building, home to the Marie Claire offices. Tim hypes up the new challenge calling it the biggest in the history of Project Runway with a reward that is unprecedented. Joining Tim to announce this week’s challenge is Marie Claire’s Editor-in-Chief Joanna Coles who tells the contestants they’ll be designing an outfit to be worn by a celebrity on the cover of April’s issue of Marie Claire. April’s issue, huh? Wow, that perfectly coincides with when this episode will air. What are the chances? Oh, and the celeb they’ll be designing for is none other than Heidi Klum. How’s that for all kinds of cross-promotion magic?

Back in the workroom, the designers begin frantically working on their sketches. Ben is focusing on bold color while Anna chooses an icy palette of blues and silvers. Anthony wants to design a dress that’s short but not slutty, while Mila is hoping her dress will say “Mila.” Uhh, call me crazy but shouldn’t the dress say “Heidi?” She will be the one wearing it after all.

It’s off to Mood for 30 minutes of spastic running around and flailing of arms as the designers make a mad dash to get the fabrics they need for the low, low cost of $150. Janeane goes crazy grabbing random fabrics in various shades of blue, green, and turquoise while Mila busts it and almost falls down the stairs. Now that would make for good TV.

Back in the workroom, it doesn’t take long for these designers to begin stressing over their outfits. Ben thinks his magenta fabric looks fuchsia (gasp!) but after a little tweaking feels confident that his actual garment is looking even better than the sketch. Meanwhile, Anna is wondering why on earth she decided to make three garments instead of one. We’re right there with you, Anna, especially since none of the pieces even seem to match. Janeane fears her outfit looks too “bridal” while Jonathan is busy making a “space suit.” Seriously, that’s exactly what he calls it.

As the feverish sewing continues, the competitors begin sizing one another up. Jesse contests that his biggest competition is “half the people in that room.” Um, really Jesse? That’s your biggest competition? Half of the competitors? Wow, you’re screwed. Meanwhile, Cocky McSassypants Mila feels that she doesn’t have any competition at all. With an attitude like that, it’s hard to understand why no one was the least bit excited when she finished in second place last week. Mila, however, seems completely puzzled by everyone’s lack of enthusiasm for her big moment.


Tim Gunn to the rescue! Tim joins the designers to offer his wisdom and expertise on their works-in-progress. First stop: Anthony and his really bright teal dress. Tim wants to know what it’s going to look like. Anthony says he doesn’t know. This worries Tim. Uh yeah, ya think? I’m no designer, Anthony, but I would venture to say that a good tip might be to come up with an actual concept. This is a fashion design competition in case you missed the memo. Janeane is desperate to stand out in hopes of finally meeting the judges. Tim warns her against creating something that looks like clown clothes. Speaking of clown clothes, next up is Ben who describes his look as “Madame Butterfly on acid.” There’s even metallic leather involved. Sounds craptastic!

When the models arrive for a fitting, Anna is sent into a tizzy when she realizes her shorts are all wrong. AND TIME IS RUNNING OUT!! Imagine that: a challenge nearing its end and someone’s outfit not being finished. That’s gotta be a Project Runway first, no?

Meanwhile, no one is a fan of Cocky McSassypants Mila’s attitude. In the most overused/cliché reality competition quote ever, Mila says she’s “here to win.” Thanks for clarifying that, Mila. We were all worried that you showed up to find a date from the show’s massive pool of eligible straight bachelors.

It’s the morning of the runway show and Janeane is nervous that she and Anna might be in the bottom two. In typical Project Runway fashion, there’s lots of running around and last-minute sewing as the models are sent off to the (Insert Name of Sponsoring Hair Product Here) Hair Salon and the (Insert Name of Sponsoring Cosmetic Line Here) Makeup Room and picking accessories from the (Insert Name of Sponsoring Online Shopping Site Here) Accessories Wall. As the fashion show approaches, Mila is overconfident (surprise, surprise), Janeane is hoping to get out of this alive (someone should tell that poor girl that Heidi doesn’t impale you with a wienerschnitzel if you lose), Ben thinks this could be his moment (metallic leather and all), and Anthony just hopes the judges get it.


After Heidi introduces the judges (mainstays Nina Garcia and Michael Kors, joined by Marie Claire Editor-in-Chief Joanna Coles), the runway show begins. Janeane isn’t too confident about her outfit (and rightly so….I think I actually fell asleep for a second when it was coming down the runway), Anna feels her three-piece outfit reflects who she is as a designer (which seems accurate considering the outfit looks like it should be on the cover of Seventeen magazine and Anna, in fact, looks to be about seventeen years old), and Cocky McSassypants Mila thinks her outfit is great (really? You don’t say, Mila).

The six designers with the highest and lowest scores are the cocky Mila, the fabulous Anthony, the twelve-year-old Anna, the Madame-Butterfly-on-acid Ben, the insecure Janeane, and Emilio (who has basically flown under the radar all episode so I have nothing snarky to say about him). The judges rip apart the outfits designed by (get ready for a shocker here) Janeane, Anna, and Mila. Janeane’s dress is considered too “bridal,” Anna’s outfit is considered too young and shapeless, and Mila’s dress is likened to ace bandages. Ouch. Hopefully that takes her down a few notches. Meanwhile, the judges love the slimming nature of Anthony’s dress, the way Ben’s dress “makes an impact,” and Emilio’s bold use of color.


After a brief deliberation by the judges where they basically rehash all of the comments they made directly to the designers about three minutes earlier, the designers are brought back out onto the runway. The winner of the challenge is Anthony. A great deal of squealing, clapping, and laughing ensue. If there’s anyone that is still curious about Anthony’s sexual preferences, this clip pretty much clears up what team he’s batting for. Ben and Emilio are also safe from elimination this week. In what is sure to be an effort to add to the drama of the show, Mila is also safe tonight. That means it comes down to Janeane and Anna in the bottom two just as Janeane predicted. Heidi says auf wiedersehen to Anna and her mismatched, misshapen three-piece look. I’d tell you to go drink away your misery, Anna, but I’m not entirely sure you’re old enough to drink and I don’t want to get busted for encouraging bad behavior in a minor.

Next week’s episode of Project Runway is filled with a crop of pint-sized models when the designers must create outfits for a bunch of kids. Overdramatic fashion designers + hyperactive kids = Awesomeness.

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