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Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains — They’re Back!

February 11, 2010 09:53 PM by Ryan Haidet


In the sunshine of Samoa, four choppers cut through the skies carrying 20 of the most well-known Survivor contestants of all time.  Rupert.  Russell.  Colby.  Jerri.  Boston Rob.  Parvati.  Cirie.  An epic battle 10 years in the making, Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains exploded on the screen with a massive two-hour episode filled with injuries, schemes, tears and conflict.  Truly a delectable dish of reality television!

Heroes Vs. Villains

Moments after the helicopters landed on the beach, host Jeff Probst welcomed them to the game.  Right off the bat, Probst asked Russell what it is like to be known as one of the most notorious players of all time.  This moment was one of the most interesting of the entire episode since Probst’s comments offered up a hint to the other 19 players that Russell is a force to be reckoned with.  Keep in mind that none of them had seen Russell play in Samoa prior to filming Heroes Vs. Villains.  And Jerri looked stunned as Probst called Russell out.


When Probst asked if anybody felt like they were mis-labeled and placed on the wrong tribe, Courtney, Coach, Parvati, Sandra and Russell all raised their hands in protest of being called a “Villain.”  Although Boston Rob joked about his villainous status, he said his tribe has a distinct advantage over the Heroes.


Battle On The Beach

After the quick chat on the beach, the two tribes squared off in a Reward Challenge that we saw during Survivor: Panama — Exile Island.  It was a full-contact competition in which the contestants had to dig a bag out of the sand and get it back to the start.  Simple in concept.  Difficult in execution.

In the first round, Stephenie dislocated her shoulder, and when the medics put it back in place, it made one of the most disgusting sounds I’ve ever heard.  Crunnnnccccch!


Makes me cringe.  Ewww.

In another round, Sandra was pouncing on Sugar, and in doing so ended up unhooking her bra.  That’s when Sugar raced to the finish line with her — corny joke alert — sugar cubes bared for everybody to see.  She scored the point for the Heroes before turning around to give the censors a pair of middle fingers to blur out.  “Sugar gives up vanity and scores for the Heroes,” Probst shouted.



It was a 2 to 2 contest, which came down to James and Rupert against Tyson and Boston Rob.  The four ended up in a big scuffle, but it finished quickly when James was able to break out of the bunch to score the game-winning point for the Heroes.


They took home flint for their efforts, but in the process Rupert broke a toe.

Wheelin’ & Dealin’

When the Villains arrived at camp, they started working on their shelter with a confident Russell ready to rumble.  “If I can whoop these All-Stars, doesn’t that mean I’m the best ever?”  He quickly grabbed Danielle — who I am still stunned was invited back — and told her he wanted to take her to the final two.  Danielle instantly bought the deal.  Then he went and told Parvati the exact same thing, but she was well aware of what he was doing.  She thought a deal with Russell was like making a deal with the devil — but she felt having the devil on her side was the best option.

As the Heroes tribe settled in at camp, Tom noticed four chickens.  They made it a group effort and surrounded the birds before tossing the net on top of them.  “Winner winner chicken dinner!”


Back at the Villains camp, Coach and Jerri started flirting.  It only got more obvious the next morning when Coach caught eyes with her.  Their crushes on each other were obvious — the Black Widow and the Dragonslayer.

Deals Everywhere

Back at the Heroes camp, JT and James made a deal because they both truly believed they could trust each other.  Colby noticed it though and warned Candice to watch them.  Then Colby made an embarrassing remark about Cirie.  He told Candice he didn’t know hardly anything about Cirie.  What?!?!?!  She’s been on TWICE before and you don’t know anything about her?  What planet have you been on?  If you know you’re about to compete against some of the most well-known strategists in the game’s history go back and watch the show!  I like Colby, but that was really stupid.


Then deals started popping up all over the place, which was getting tough to keep track of.  Cirie and Amanda.  Tom and Stephenie.  JT and Tom.  Boston Rob and Sandra.

Sparking A Fire

Boston Rob was frustrated his fellow tribemates weren’t putting forth enough effort to build a fire.  “There’s nobody here that wants to do anything,” he said in confessional.  But he was motivated and gathered everybody together as he tried to spark a blaze by rubbing two sticks together.  Although everybody doubted that it would work — heck, we’ve seen this method tried on Survivor for years without success — Boston Rob was able to prove his worth when tiny flames ignited.  Amazing.


Back at the Heroes camp, Rupert was thrilled to be back in the game, but was frustrated he couldn’t catch a single fish since he broke his toe.  So instead he worked to make a fire — and was far from successful.  He sat there and used lots of the flint, but didn’t even come close to sparking a flame.  Cirie sat and watched, but didn’t want to say anything because she felt Rupert’s ego was too big.  JT took over later and got the fire going.


Igniting a different kind of fire, Sugar got Colby heated up on Night 2 when she wouldn’t stop talking as everybody tried to sleep.  Colby was frustrated with her as she kept flirting with him.

Outwitted In The End

In a challenge we’ve seen before in the Cook Islands, the tribes squared off for the Immunity Idol.  It was a race with boats and puzzles in which the Heroes held a huge lead for most of the contest.  Until the final puzzle when the Villains easily took the lead and claimed victory.


After losing, the Heroes started scheming about who to vote off first.  Sugar suggested to some that Amanda should be the first to target.  But others disagreed and started turning the tables against Sugar.  Then Stephenie’s name even popped up.

At the first Tribal Council, Probst brought up the poor puzzle performance.  Cirie said a single competition shouldn’t be the factor that puts a target on somebody’s back.  When Probst said part of their loss was Sugar’s fault, her eyes welled up with tears.  Tom weighed in and said he was voting in the moment — not long term — in an effort to keep the team strong enough for the future.

As they each cast their ballots, rain started coming down.  When Probst tallied the votes, Sugar was the first to have her torch snuffed by a vote of 9 to 1.


Images courtesy of CBS.

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