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The Bachelor: Fans Will Be “Shocked” and “Disappointed” by the Finale

February 11, 2010 12:00 PM by Nancy Floyd


This season of ABC’s The Bachelor has been one of the most dramatic seasons ever! So far we’ve seen a sex scandal, a shortened rose ceremony, and a fan favorite leaving the show by choice to save her career, but according to host Chris Harrison, the most shocking surprise might still be ahead. Keep reading to find out what Harrison says about the season finale’s big twist…

When asked about who the winner will be on this season of The Bachelor, host Chris Harrison says, ”As far as everyone’s opinion, I will steal a line from Jake. He has said, ‘I will shock people, I will disappoint people,’ but he did what he feels was right, and I totally support him. Good for him.”

Rumors have been circulating for weeks that the final rose recipient will be none other than spoiled Daddy’s girl, Vienna, the contestant that the other bachelorettes love to hate. Even Harrison was surprised by Jake Pavelka’s choice to keep the controversial competitor around on the reality dating show for so long.

“I will say I was surprised that he kept her around,” The Bachelor host says. “And I even asked him, ‘Really? Why?’ Every time I asked him about Vienna he said, ‘I know that the other girls don’t love her, but I see a side in her that they don’t, and I’m not going to let the cattiness and the competitiveness ruin what I have with her. And what I have with her is real.’ I have to give the guy credit to have the balls to go against what everybody’s saying.”

Harrison goes even further to defend Vienna and her villainous behavior saying, “I don’t think Vienna is the devil that she’s made out to be. I think Vienna has a bit of a bad rep.” He goes on to say that he thinks the real Vienna is a mix between, “the Vienna we saw in the house and then the very warm, touching, vulnerable Vienna that we saw in her hometown.” Sounds to us like the guy is trying to convince the viewing audience that this girl is worthy of Jake’s affection (and possibly that final rose).

With Gia and Tenley still in the competition and the possibility of Ali’s return, we’re holding out hope that Jake makes a smart choice. Regardless of the outcome, Harrison says, ”I know for a fact Jake is happy with his decision.” Here’s hoping we’ll be happy with his decision too.

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