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Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains — Sugar Glad To Be Gone

February 12, 2010 03:25 PM by Ryan Haidet


Nobody ever wants to be the first person voted off Survivor — everybody except for Jessica “Sugar” Kiper.  In a landslide vote, the Gabon third-place finisher was happily ousted from the premiere of Survivor: Hereos Vs. Villains.  In a conference call with reporters today Sugar explained why she was “lucky” to be voted off first, offered her thoughts on Russell and talked about the words she and Sandra exchanged as her bra came undone in the first challenge.  But that’s not all — Sugar even addressed the comment Randy made about wishing she would have been killed in a plane crash.  All that juicy stuff and lots more…

Question:  What made you want to come back?

Jessica “Sugar” Kiper:  The fact that they asked me.  I didn’t think I’d end up doing better than I did before ’cause it was a miracle to get as far as I had to begin with in Gabon.  But I did actually go into this game trying.  I was gonna try and win, and that’s probably what messed me up.


Question:  Was there anybody you were starstruck by?

Sugar:  Yeah.  Me.  I was like, “How am I on this season with all of these awesome people?”  Rupert.  Sugar?  That’s kind of crazy, I don’t know.  I wanted to get to know a lot of the people because I didn’t know most of their seasons.  I went in completely blind.  Blonde and blind.

Question:  Were there any big alliances you tried to form?

Sugar:  Yeah, I was actually trying to get with Rupert, Tom and JT.  We had talked.  We had our own conversations, which they didn’t show.  It didn’t play out that way because they didn’t end up being my heroes, so why would they show that?  I was also trying to break up the Micronesian alliance really hardcore, but you never who you’re talking to.  They might have already joined that alliance.


Question:  Is there anybody on the Villains team that you would have wanted to work with?

Sugar:  Surprisingly, I would’ve loved to work with Randy.  I would’ve liked to team up with Randy.  I like Randy.  I would’ve liked to team up with Jerri, Coach and maybe Russell.

Question:  During my interview with Randy at the Survivor 10th anniversary party last month in LA, Randy told me he wished you had been tragically killed in a plane crash instead of showing up in Samoa.  How do you respond?

Sugar:  (Laughs) Randy probably has a bunch of one-liners that he pulls out of his pocket when he’s playing Randy.  He actually is Randy, but he doesn’t really mean anything he says half the time.  I’m sure.

Question:  Do you talk outside of the game?

Sugar:  No, we’re not like chummy, but we talked at that event.  We don’t hate each other.  He thinks it’s funny to be mean all the time, and I don’t.  But whatever, I appreciate there are people like him on earth.


Question:  Colby had talked about how you kept everybody awake at night and followed him around.  What was really going on?

Sugar:  I did try and like bust a move on him and talk to him a little bit, but that was just grasping at straws.  I’m not even attracted to him.  I had the hots for JT at the time.  So it’s kind of funny that they played it that way.  But it’s OK because Jerri already went through it, so basically I’m Jerri number two.  Now people are questioning Colby.

Question:  What did you think when your top was ripped off?

Sugar:  “Thanks Sandra.”  Because I scored a point and apparently got some air time without having to break anything.  There was a split second where she was undoing it, and I was saying “Don’t undo my bra, bitch.”  And she was like, “I’m a villain.”


Question:  How do  you think your emotional state contributed to being voted off?

Sugar:  I think if I hadn’t cried after we all lost the second challenge — that was not really my fault either — but anyway.  I should not have cried because then it was like, “OK she already thinks she’s going home.”  I don’t know how to scramble.  I don’t like scrambling.

Question:  How did it feel bringing home a point in the Reward Challenge and then getting ousted a few days later?

Sugar:  I was hoping that by proving how much I was willing to give for my team to win, that it would have played some part.  I was so miserable after three days of being out there, but I still feel like the luckiest Survivor ever being voted out first on this season.  It was so cutthroat and hardcore and the elements were so much worse than Gabon.


Question:  What do you think of Russell?

Sugar:  In the game, I think he’s psychic.  I guess he can have a big head about himself because he is one of the best players ever.  In real life, I don’t know.  I don’t know if people are lying.  I just would hope that people who tell me stuff as crazy as it is would only be lying to me in the game and not outside the game.

Question:  When you first saw Russell, nobody knew anything about him.  What kind of talk was going on about him around your camp?

Sugar:  I don’t remember us talking too much about it, but I know we probably mentioned it around the fire saying, “He must have done something.”  He obviously wasn’t out too soon or they wouldn’t have had him back because he had to show his character somehow.  We had no idea that he was picking up psychic maps in his head to Idols that they didn’t even know were out.  We had no idea until we got home about that.


Question:  Would you have been better off going into this season with somebody else who played in Gabon with you?

Sugar:  Of course it would’ve been better to have somebody I played with — even if Randy had been on my tribe, which would have been impossible.  But if he had been on my tribe, that would’ve been better ’cause then at least he and I would have tried.  I don’t hate Randy, and Randy doesn’t hate me.  I think if we had merged together we would have joined up.  So of course it would be much better to have somebody from your season on there like Stephenie had Tom and the Micronesia people had all sorts of each other.

Question:  Did anybody else get hurt that we didn’t see?

Sugar:  Yes.  James hurt himself real quick, but it wasn’t anything.  He didn’t want anybody to see it so he kept it hidden (cut his finger).  But people were hurting themselves left and right.  It was so wet that if you had a ring on or something, the skin on your finger would be rubbing off ’cause you were so wet all the time.  You had to take off your rings.

Question:  Who do you want to see win the game?

Sugar:  Tom.  I have a daddy crush.  I like Bob, so why wouldn’t I like Tom?


Question:  Did you know going into Tribal Council that your fate was sealed or did you think you still had a shot?

Sugar:  Like a snowball’s shot in Hell.  I was pretty sure I was dead.

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