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Extreme Makeover Home Edition: Tripp Family and Tyler Perry!

February 14, 2010 08:56 PM by Candace Young


This week on ABC, Ty Pennington takes the bus, and the Extreme Makeover Home Edition Design Team to Washington to help out the Tripp Family, who run the ‘Big Blue Bus’ – a mission which helps out disadvantaged children in their neighborhood. They open their home and hearts, and all of their time and money goes to helping the kids. Their house is rotting and the foundation is cracking – but they don’t have the means to fix it. Celebrity Tyler Perry joins Ty and the gang this week. Read on for highlights!

Enroute to the Tripp family home, Tyler Perry tells Ty Pennington he is really moved by what this family is doing to give back to the community, and thanks Ty for the opportunity to give back himself. The bus arrives and the Tripp family is called out to the street – father Nikema, aka “Tripp,” mother Tamara Tripp, Micah, 5, Ethan, 3, and Aaden, 9 months, spill out to greet the Design Team. Ty says they do what EMHE does – they get on the bus!

The team tours the house and is amazed at the challenges the family has been facing space-wise, and the repairs that are needed – it’s in a bad way. Tamara sits down and plays her blue piano for them, noting that she’s always wanted to take the paint off of it! Ethan and Micah like superheroes and rollercoasters respectively.


Outside, a series of blue buses pull up full of volunteers. Some of the neighborhood children get out, and the Tripps get to meet the men from Burke Builders, before Ty sends them off with their boxed gift to Walt Disney World for the week!

By Day Two, the contents of the house have been packed up and Tyler Perry is ready to knock out a ‘really big production’ – Demo the Movie! The Tripp family watches via laptop as the Design Team hams it up. Finally, the excavator crashes through the roof and the house is destroyed!

As the foundation is dug down 18 feet due to excessive water in the ground, Tyler Perry takes the neighborhood kids onto the ‘big blue bus’ to see about the condition of it being addressed. Tyler hires a team to fix up the bus!


While Paul tackles the superhero room, Tracy is dealing with the blue piano. Ty, meanwhile, is at the scrapyard getting some old bus seats to use in his rec room concept!

Back at the site, Paul talks to Tom Lewis from the community who runs the Fishing School, which is a similar enterprise to what the Tripps do on with their bus. The Fishing School helps kids learn and get homework help. Paul goes to visit the school, and learns that the place is full of kids, but many are having to be turned away at the door. Paul gets input from the children regarding school improvements, then decides that they should also makeover Tom’s school!

Paul returns to the Tripp family site to tell Ty Pennington about the Fishing School. He checks with the builders, noting that two builds would be the largest project they had ever tied to do! The builders give the go ahead, so Ty heads over to holler, “Good morning, Fishing School!” Ty calls the place ‘hope’ in a place that doesn’t have hope. Tom Lewis recounts to the team how many of the children ask him to be their daddy – it has everyone choked up. Ty lets the Tripp family in on the latest development via laptop, and they watch as the Fishing School is demoed!


Back at the Tripp house, the new cabinetry has arrived, the piano is being refurbished, and Tyler Perry is doing donuts in a mini-digger! Paul and Ed decide to frame up a timeline of photos from the Fishing School. Tracy is doing a design to bring a water theme into the school, and Paul sets the neighborhood kids up painting some fish.

Tyler Perry and Ty Pennington corral a bunch of the kids from the Tripp’s bus and cause pandemonium by telling them they are also going to Disney World!

Tyler Perry tells Tom Lewis the founder of the Fishing School that he would like to do something more. He asks if he would allow him to create an educational foundation called the Tom Lewis Educational Foundation. Tyler will make the first big donation. Tom Lewis breaks down in tears as Tyler tells him he’s not standing alone.

Paul enlists the help of graffiti artists who are doing a 4,000 foot concrete wall in Washington, D.C. to help do up the walls in the downstairs of the Fishing School. Tracy visits the men doing the blue bus, and learns that Tyler Perry has donated funds for them to do seven blue buses in one week!


Ty Pennington and Tyler Perry give the Tripp family their surprise. They open their gift and turn around to see a double-decker bus there in Disney World – full of the neighborhood kids they help!

Both the Tripp house and the Fishing School are coming along great. The bus themed rec room is under Ty’s watchful eye at the Tripp house, and Tyler and Paul check out the beautiful art being done on the walls of the Fishing School basement. Paul and Tracy head to Sears to start choosing furniture and appliances. In Walt Disney World, the ministry kids present the Tripps with a scrapbook, which details what their help has meant to them.

Tyler and Ty tour the Tripp house which is nearing completion. Ed is working on the rollercoaster room! Paul and Tracy are out directing appliances to their proper destination!


Over at the Fishing School, a new sign is being erected, and people are grimacing as Paul takes the superhero theme a little too far – he’s shirtless and wearing bright red tights!

The Fishing School will be revealed to Tom Lewis first. He’s brought from his limousine looking very dapper. The Tripp family arrives, and are introduced to Tom. The crowd chants “Move that bus,” and the new Fishing School is exposed! It’s beautiful, big, and blue! Tom thanks Tim Burch, the builder, before going to see the inside of the school.


Tom cries as he gets his first look at the interior of the school, including the fish the kids painted. In the new classroom, the kids are cheering and greet Tom! The children are invited to check out the rest of the school, and many break down in tears as they see the spacious kitchen, the artistically painted basement room, and the new computers! The Tripp family come inside to admire the space too.

Out front of the Tripp family home the volunteers go wild as the family emerges from the limo! Tamara is crying just at the enthusiasm of the crowd. The bus is told to move, and the Tripps see a line of new blue ministry buses! Tripp and his family thank Tyler Perry profusely with heartfelt embraces.


The blue buses are moved and the family gets to see their new home. They are overcome with emotion! They thank the builders. Sean Murphy one of the head builders notes it’s been an incredible experience.

The Tripp family goes inside the house where they see gorgeous new furniture, appliances, and hardwood floors. Tamara notices her refurbished piano. Ty comes in and points out how many children can be fed in the new kitchen. The kids check out their rollercoaster, and superhero rooms – they’re super excited! Tripp and Tamara ooh and aah over their master bedroom and ensuite bathroom. Tripp is overwhelmed by the shower!

Last, the Tripp family goes to check out their new basement – the bright, bus theme thrills them! The ministry kids are called in to check out the space too – they are excited about the new space to play in! The family comes back outside to thank the Design Team. Ty tells them it’s been an honor to do this for them. Tripp says he feels more humble. Ty finishes by saying, “Welcome home Tripp family, welcome home!”

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Photos Courtesy: ABC, Meridan Magazine, Gazette

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3 Responses to “Extreme Makeover Home Edition: Tripp Family and Tyler Perry!”

  1. jamie Lynn weber Says:
    December 23rd, 2010 at 11:24 pm

    Will you ever come back to Wasington Like Asotin Washington or Clarkston Washington by Spokane?

  2. jamie Lynn weber Says:
    December 23rd, 2010 at 11:25 pm

    Btw=by the way you are so good to people who really need a little help especially when they are helping others. Keep upp the good work and making people happy:)

  3. Beverly Fletcher Says:
    April 17th, 2011 at 2:33 pm

    I teir any way I can get a tape on the Tripp Family ? I tape it for 1 hr. I guess it was a 2 hr. show I would love to see it. I love your show Ty. IF YOU EVER COME TO MEMPHIS !! YES I NEED A MAKE OVER AND MY HOUSE DOES TOO !!I would love to meet you all, YOU KNOW YOU ALL DOING THE LORDS WORK. HELPING PEOPLE IN NEED !!!.O that s Memphis Tn. the home of the King. ELVIS. EMAIL me when you on your way to Memphis. I wish I had all your shows. you are GREAT PEOPLE !!!!!!!


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