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Giuliana & Bill: The Rancic Challenge

February 14, 2010 08:20 PM by Jennifer


On the last episode of Giuliana & Bill on Style Network, the couple had some troublesome news from Giuliana’s OBGYN, where he noted something off with one of her tests to see if they can have a baby… But Bill has the perfect thing to take their mind off it: The Rancic Challenge!! Keep reading to hear all about it!!


After a call from Giuliana’s doctor suggesting more invasive testing, the couple are glad to be getting away to take their mind off of things. So they contact some of Bill’s friends to get together for a little competitive fun!

The Rancic Challenge was something Bill used to do with a few other couples, a weekend away where they participate in a few events, and the champions bring home the treasured cup trophy. Bill is determined to win this year against their friends who are some pretty good athletes. It seems the couple to beat is Jerry and Missy, the defending champs and past winners of every Rancic Challenge. Each event is worth a certain amount of points with the couple with the most points being declared the winner at the end of the weekend.

In their first event, called Face to Face, the couples have to get up on parallel high wires while facing each other holding hands, and they must get all the way across. Giuliana is scared to death not only to climb so high, but the sire she is on is constantly shaking and her body is totally shaking out of control. She ends up falling and the couple only gets one point.

Disappointed, they move on to the next challenge, the Chili cook-off, determined to do better. They have 20 minutes to make a chili dish that should be better than all of the others. They were given an array of ingredients, and as the clock ticks down, the smack talk begins. Bill even says that Jerry and Missy’s chili looks like a baby’s diaper! Yuck!! When the judge taste’s Giuliana & Bill ‘s creation, he seems to like it, but the results of this event are sealed until the end of the challenge. So the couple kept their fingers crossed as they moved onto the next event, a giant ladder.

The couples have fifteen minutes to see how high they can climb on a ladder whose steps are about 5 feet above each other. Giuliana has a clear fear of heights, but Bill tells her they need this event in order to stay in the game. With harnesses on, Bill helps Giuliana get up each step, telling her not to look down. She was terrified! But with a little teamwork, they made it !!


The final event is a mind game called Celebrity, where each couple needs to write down the name of someone famous on 5 pieces of paper, and each team has a minute to pick names and have their partner guess who they are talking about by their clues. Giuliana and Bill do great at this event, while the other couples have no idea who half the people are that they draw out of the hat. But things take a crazy turn, when a member of another couple, Colette, accuses Giuliana & Bill of cheating , because she interviews celebrities for a living. They say it should have been a more physical challenge. The other couples take things way too seriously and bicker about it like kids fighting in grade school. When the standings of the Challenge are read, no one claps for Giuliana & Bill when they are named in first place so far.

It is not turning out the way bill had hoped, so he tries to bring everyone together for a therapeutic experience with a man who uses a horse as a way to teach the couple that if they address their fears and feelings, they can make anything happen, namely making the horse lift it’s leg. He teaches them that they need not be afraid and they can get past any of the small challenges they have, and that the horse can sense that, but with a little help, they can make the horse lift a leg without even trying. Bill is hoping this can brign the group close back together, but it also makes Giuliana very emotional when he brings up challenges that she has.

After the equine experience, Giuliana & Bill meet with Evelyn, a counselor who talks to couples who contemplate having children. When she asked them how they felt if they were childless, and they realized that no matter what the outcome of their trying to conceive is, they will always love each other and will always have each other. Poor Giuliana breaks down again, and it was good for her to get her emotions out.

That evening at dinner, the General Manager of the resort, Mike, comes in and announces the winner of the challenge. The anticipation is building, and the couples are all on the edge of their seats…. And the winners are… Wait. Bill interrupts him and thanks him for the life changing experiences they have all gained being at his resort, and says that he wants to leave the championship cup there, and says that picking a winner would not do the trip justice. The weekend proved that they are all winners!

But now they must return to reality, and to the doctor for more tests. Giuliana has an ultrasound done, and to their relief, the technician tells them that everything looks normal. Now they can get back on track and in baby making mode!!
Will they be a party of three soon? See you next week after the show!!

Tune in next Sunday at 9 PM EST for the continuation of this episode of
Giuliana & Bill on The Style Network. See you after the show!!

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