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Undercover Boss Pays a Visit to Hooters

February 14, 2010 08:00 AM by Nancy Floyd

Undercover Boss

CBS‘s new reality show, Undercover Boss, had a record-breaking premiere last Sunday when nearly 40 million people tuned in after the Super Bowl to watch Waste Management’s President and COO go undercover to collect garbage, sort recyclables, and clean port-a-potties. Undercover Boss is back tonight with a brand new episode featuring Cody Brooks, President and CEO of Hooters, as he leaves his corner office to work among his employees at several Hooters restaurants. We can only hope he’ll be forced to wear those infamous skimpy orange shorts and barely-there tank top. Brooks talks about what we can expect to see in tonight’s episode…

The premise of Undercover Boss is simple: high-level corporate execs go undercover in their own companies to learn more about their employees, the day-to-day workings of their businesses, and any major problems that might need to be fixed. The feel-good show allows these CEOs, Presidents, and board members to learn an invaluable lesson about their hard-working, but often underappreciated and underpaid, staffs.

In tonight’s episode,  Cody Brooks, President and CEO of Hooters struggles to work as a cook, busboy, and store manager in various Hooters restaurants. “I went undetected,” Brooks says, calling his time on Undercover Boss “a great experiment” that “I’d do again.” Sadly though, there was one job that Brooks wasn’t able to perform. “I’ll never be,” he says, with a laugh, “a Hooters girl.”

Brooks’ father, Robert, started the business in 1983 with six fellow entrepreneurs and later passed it down to his son. Of the nation-wide restaurant chain, Brooks says, ”Our employees are happy, our cooks, our girls are happy, our managers are happy and the customers are happy.” Brooks will get a first-hand glimpse at just how happy those employees are tonight on Undercover Boss. He’ll also get a peek at some inappropriate behavior which causes him to step in and take immediate action against one misbehaving store manager.

Undercover Boss airs tonight on CBS at 9pm EST.

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Photo Courtesy of CBS

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