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Intervention: Kristine’s Deadly Drinking

February 15, 2010 08:07 PM by Jennifer


Tonight on Intervention on A&E, we meet Kristine, an alcoholic with a much bigger problem than her addiction. What has her family so worried, and will her addiction kill her? Keep reading to find out


Kristine has a blood clot the size of a golf ball in her brain, and she drinks while taking her blood thinning medication. Toni, Kristine’s mother, said she was a handful as a child who seemed to cry nonstop. Her father and mother divorced when she was 4 years old, When her mother remarried a year later and had two more children, she was desperate for her mom’s attention. She dealt with her emotions by eating, and by age 15 she weighed 300 pounds, and ended up having gastric bypass surgery.

Her life seemed to take a turn for the better when she graduated from cosmetology school and got a job at a salon in Las Vegas. Kristine met a man named Eric, and she got pregnant. They got married, but the partying and drinking atmosphere got the best of her. By age 34, she was drinking vodka everyday and verbally and physically abuse her husband. Then she was diagnosed with a blood clot in her brain, so everyone thought she would stop drinking. But her addiction took over, as if she was never even diagnosed with any health problems.

Her husband actually volunteered to go to Iraq for the Air Force, partly to get away from her, even though it killed him to be away from his daughter. Both of them admit that hey are only together for the health benefits. As her daughter begs for her daddy, Kristine pours herself a drink of vodka.

As her family tries to talk to her, she ends up in the hospital for pain in her body, and when they run blood tests on her, they find out that she may have Leukemia. With all of these medical issues going on with her, her family is not sure if an Interventionis such a good idea right now. They meet with Interventionist Jeff Van Vonderen and let him know what is going on with her health. He tells them that if she is diagnosed with Leukemia, which she would find out in a few days, that the help for that is more important than the help for her alcoholism. He also goes over with them what they must do if she decides not to go to treatment, like her husband saying he will file for divorce, and her family cutting her off.

But he also thinks that Kristine’s mom, Toni, needs help as an enabler, and offers her treatment as well.


It turned out that her blood tests came out bad because she abuses so much alcohol. The family tells Jeff that she has gotten worse, and the Intervention goes on as scheduled. Kristine walks into what she thinks is her interview, and finds her family, including her father sitting there. As she listens to her father’s tearful plea, she starts to get emotional, and refuses to go to treatment, saying she is not going to die. She is afraid to leave her daughter without saying goodbye, and changes her mind if she can see her daughter Ava. Ava runs into the room, and Kristine realizes she is doing the right thing. She leaves with Jeff and heads to a treatment center in Houston, Texas that also specializes in treating her medical problems as well as her alcoholism.

Using her daughter as her inspiration, she does well in treatment, and realizes that she almost died from drinking. Her relationship with her husband is improving, and he cannot wait for her to complete treatment. She seems like a different person, and completes the program and returns home to Utah to her husband and daughter. Her mom, Toni, also successfully completed treatment along with Kristine’s sister at a clinic for family members dealing with a loved one’s addiction.

Another successful Intervention…. will the next person be so lucky?

Tune in next Monday at 9PM EST to Intervention on A&E to find out if another life can be saved. See you after the show!

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