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The Bachelor: Fantasy Dates in St. Lucia!

February 15, 2010 07:58 PM by Candace Young


Tonight on ABC‘s The Bachelor, Jake Pavelka will visit the beautiful island of Saint Lucia with the remaining three bachelorettes, Gia, Vienna, and Tenley. But is it all over with Ali, who left last week to go back to work? Read on to find out, and to get all of the highlights from tonight’s episode!


Jake’s first date in St. Lucia is with Gia, who is falling in love with him. They meet on a stone walkway overlooking the water and climb up even higher. Jake points out the boat they will take to get something to eat. The head off in the boat to a local market where they drink from fresh coconuts, buy souvenirs, and mix with some local musicians. Later, they go swimming and share some hugs and kisses as the sun sets.


The meet again at night and walk down to the torchlit beach for dinner. Gia is scared to get hurt again. Jake tells her no one else exists for him right then. They talk, and Gia says the experience has opened her up. Jake says he puts the person he’s dating before himself, and he wants someone to share dreams with. As they loll in a hammock, Gia proposes a toast to him knowing exactly what he wants. They kiss, and Jake gives her the Fantasy Suite card! Gia accepts the invitation to go to the room.

In the Fantasy Suite, they waste no time indulging in the candlelit bubble bath (in swimsuits) and making out.


Jake meets Tenley, who tells him she misses him so much when they’re not together. He wants her to share his passion for flying, so he takes her up to see the island in a helicopter. They land and walk through the rainforest to a sugar mill for a picnic. Tenley asks Jake how he’ll pursue her in the real world. He tells her he will be spontaneous. Tenley tells Jake she can see them being together and being very happy. They share some kisses and then venture to a private beach where they go into the water and kiss some more.


That night, Tenley and Jake meet again for a poolside dinner. Tenley is worried about the Fantasy Suite card, and Jake confides to the camera that he hopes she feels safe enough to spend that time with him. Tenley makes sure that Jake knows she is falling in love with him. Jake, in turn, asks her to dance. She lets him lead and they kiss. Jake pulls out the Fantasy Suite card and tells her he’s excited about it. Tenley says she would love to stay with him tonight.

The Fantasy Suite is covered in rose petals and has a private pool with candles. They make use of the pool, and Jake assures her that he appreciates her morals and values.


Jake and Vienna meet up in a harbor – they’re going out on the ship that was used in Pirates of the Caribbean! Vienna giggles as Jake wears a pirate patch over one eye and they toast. Jake loves how playful Vienna is with him. They kiss passionately as they sail. Vienna sets off a cannon and they climb the mast together. Next, Jake makes her walk the plank! He follows her in, and they swim to shore. They roll around in the sand on the shore, which Jake thinks is smokin’ hot.


When they meet again that night, Vienna tells Jake she had an amazing day with him. Over dinner they talk more seriously, and she admits she wants to wait a few years before having children. Jake is determined to find out whether his attraction to Vienna is more than just physical. Jake then begins asking her what type of rings she likes! Vienna asks if he can see her as his wife. He says yes, but he’s fallen for the two other women that are here as well. Vienna tells him she can’t picture not being with him – she’s fallen in love with him. Vienna cries and he kisses her, then produces the Fantasy Suite card. She agrees to spend the night with him.

In the Fantasy Suite, Vienna and Jake pop the cork on a bottle of champagne. She leaves the room and returns in ivory lingerie. They kiss on the bed, then Vienna closes the doors to the bedroom.


Jake is in his room in St. Lucia when the phone rings – it’s Ali. She tells Jake she’s a mess, and she knows she made the wrong choice. Ali asks to come back so they can find out if they are really a match. Jake tries to process this. He tells her she drove away with a piece of his heart, and now they’ve missed crucial time together.


Jake says he was falling in love with her in San Francisco, but she forced him to put those feelings aside. He says he is further along with the other three women now. Ali tells him her feelings are even stronger now, and she’s so sorry – she was scared. Jake tells her that everything in him wants to tell her to get on a plane, but he just doesn’t think it’s a good idea. They hang up. Jake says he has to trust that his heart is leading him in the right direction. Ali is heartbroken, but she knows it’s too late.

Rose Ceremony

Jake dresses for the Rose Ceremony, but admits he’s not ready for it – he’s afraid to send ‘the woman’ home! Jake and Chris Harrison sit down to chat. Jake tells Chris that Ali’s call took him off guard and made him really sad, but he didn’t think letting her come back was the right thing to do.

Chris asks about his relationship with Gia, and Jake says he’s falling in love with her. He asks about Tenley next, and Jake admits he’d missed her – it was so good to see her! Jake tells Chris that he’s falling in love with Tenley too. Finally, Chris asks about Vienna. Jake remarks that she’s always herself, which puts him at ease. He tells Chris that Vienna told him she loves him, and he’s in love with her as well. Chris tells Jake there is a private video message for him from each of the women – then he must send one of them home.


Jake watches the last messages from the women, but tells the camera that it doesn’t make his decision any easier – he’s scared he’ll send the wrong woman home.

Chris wishes the women all the best, and Jake appears. He tells them they look gorgeous and thanks them for the week. Jake picks up the first rose and offers it to Tenley. The second rose goes to Vienna, and Gia fights back tears. She says goodbye to the other girls and Jake walks her to a spot to talk. Jake tells her their relationship has been a little start/stop and he’s developed stronger feelings for the other two women. Gia admits that she needed more time, perhaps, to open up. Jake is sick that he made Gia cry.

In the limo, Gia tells the camera that she is very shocked and feels crushed right now – she doesn’t understand.

Next on The Bachelor it’s time for the women who have been sent home to tell all – and to catch up with past contestants! In two weeks, it will be time for the dramatic conclusion of The Bachelor, when Jake will make the hardest decision he’s ever had to make!

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One Response to “The Bachelor: Fantasy Dates in St. Lucia!”

  1. Christine McDow Says:
    February 16th, 2010 at 6:46 am

    Jake made a big mistake not letting Ali come back. Look at Jillian and Ed! He is going to end up picking Vienna in the end and it will be a case of Shayne redux. Very sad. At this point if he says again he is a “nice guy that always finishes last” he will have no one to blame but himself. I think the truth is that he picks Vienna because he is too scared to really let himself love or be loved. This is a very disappointing season of The Bachelor.


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