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The Bachelor: Vienna’s Sordid Past

February 15, 2010 10:00 AM by Nancy Floyd


This season of ABC’s The Bachelor has been filled with one shocking surprise after another, but there is a whole lot more drama going down off-camera. As rumors circulate that Jake Pavelka gives his final rose to everyone’s least-favorite bachelorette, Vienna, the tabloids are having a field day uncovering the details of her sordid past. The most shocking revelations are about Vienna’s own mother…

Every season of The Bachelor has one: a contestant that the other girls love to hate. This season, that title goes to Vienna, the self-proclaimed Daddy’s girl who, for reasons we can’t explain, keeps getting a rose week after week. If the Internet rumors are to be believed, Vienna is going to get a lot more than the most-hated-girl-on-the-show award this season. She may also be walking away with an engagement ring from The Bachelor‘s Jake Pavelka.

On-screen Vienna comes off as spoiled, catty, and deceptive. Off-screen she comes off as, well, spoiled, catty, and deceptive. Oh yeah, and slutty. Did we mention slutty? It didn’t take long for nude photos to surface of The Bachelor contestant or reports about her allegedly bilking her Marine ex-husband out of five grand for a boob job while he was in Iraq. She also has a history as a Hooters waitress (most unshocking news ever) and now reports are circulating that her mom is a former stripper.

While Vienna has gushed about her daddy pretty much nonstop on The Bachelor, she hasn’t said anything about her mom. A source close to her says, “See how she never really mentions her mom on the show? Well, that’s because her mom is a topless dancer. Or at least she used to be.”

Fortunately, Vienna’s mom has left her pole-dancing days behind her and has moved on to bigger and better things. “She sells boiled peanuts on the side of [route] 46,” the source says. Well, at least she gets to keep her shirt on. Hopefully.

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