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American Idol 9 February 16, 2010: Hollywood Week Continues!

February 16, 2010 08:02 PM by Candace Young


Tonight on FOX, it’s the drama of Hollywood Week continuing on American Idol 9. Some dreams will be realized, but others will be crushed by judges Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson, Ellen Degeneres, and Kara DioGuardi! Ryan Seacrest opens the show describing the struggles and triumphs that mark the path to, and through, Hollywood Week. Read on for all of the highlights from tonight’s intense episode!

During this most recent phase of the process, Idol contestants performed solo again, and have been sent to wait for the results. Once the judges have finished their deliberations, contestants are pulled from the main holding room and split into three separate rooms. In all, 71 hopefuls await their fate.

Jermaine Sellers sits in one of the rooms and relives his last performance, Man in the Mirror, in his mind.

Siobhan Magnus took Ellen’s advice and came out with a more youthful approach to her last performance.

Crystal Bowersox impressed the judges with her solo – accompanying herself on guitar.


Alex Lambert, who plays ukulele, tackled a Jason Mraz tune for his final solo, as did Big Mike, and Todrick Hall.

Thaddeus Johnson has had his mother in tow every step of the way – and she was there for his most recent performance too, cheering as he did a great rendition of Man in the Mirror!

Charity Vance is holed up in the second room, and seems very tense about her chances as she thinks about her last performance. Mary Power is also in this room, and she has been totally confident all the way through – but now is really wanting to know the results.

Brian Walker, the police officer from Atlanta is also waiting. He felt his last tune went over well, but the longer he waits, the more tense he grows.


Hope Johnson from Dallas is described as emotionally fragile by Ryan Seacrest as she too, wonders what the outcome will be.

Shelby Dressel had trouble remembering her lyrics in practice, but came through in her performance, and sounded great to boot. Aaron Kelly is also in her room, though, and he forgot the lyrics while singing his last audition!

Haeley Vaughn is also in this group, and her last song seemed to be very strong. Janell Wheeler, who stressed to her roomie that she just cannot go home, sang a Taylor Swift song for her solo, and waits along with the others now.

Cut Time

Ryan Seacrest comments that the talent was so good this year, it made the judges’ decisions even tougher, but the judges have decided and are on their way to visit each of the three rooms with a verdict.


Ellen Degeneres enters Room One and is followed by the other judges. She tells them how hard this is, and does a little commentary about talent and stage presence, but then puts them out of their misery – they’re going on!

Simon enters Room Two which contains hopefuls such as Mary Power, Brian the police officer, and Charity Vance. As the other judges come in, Simon tells them they were better than they expected, but it’s bad news – they’re not going through.

The judges come into Room Three, and Randy talks about the amount of talent this year, saying there are only so many slots. Kara says they started out strong, so it’s hard to tell them this – psyche – they’re going to stay!

Now down to 46 contestants, the judges will need to whittle that number down to only 24! The final performances are next, and then the group will become 12 guys and 12 girls!

Final Judgement

For the first time ever, this phase will take place in the Kodak Theater. The contestants will be upstairs in a holding room, and each will take the walk into the theater to learn their fate from the judges.

Michael Lynche, aka Big Mike, is first up – he is emotionally spent and tearful at this juncture. The new father goes in front of the panel, and tells them that he feels he’s done well. Simon notes his improvement, and talks about him believing in himself, but tells him he was put through – unanimously!


Didi Benami is next to take the walk into the theater. Simon tells her she wasn’t the most consistent, but when she was good, she was fantastic. She nabs one of the 12 girls places!

Katelyn Epperly goes before the panel, and endures a little monologue from Ellen about how it would be wrong to make her wait any longer, before learning that she’s through!

Shelby Dressel has watched two girls already take spots, and it’s time for her to find out if she’ll join them or go home. Randy delivers the news that she is going home, but they encourage her to try again next year.

Casey James, who survived a motorcycle accident, is looking for another miracle at the Kodak Theater. As he comes down the aisle, Ellen whispers to Kara that he’s got his hair down for her. Indeed, it’s Kara who gets to give him the good news – he’s going through!


Aaron Kelly is a sixteen year-old hopeful, who has had some ups and downs, but definitely possesses natural talent. He’s overjoyed when Ellen tells him he’s going on to the next round!

Lee Dewyze feels the week has been mentally tough, and now it’s culminating with his walk down to the judges in the theater. Kara comments on his lack of confidence, but he debates the point. Kara says they disagreed until about five minutes ago – he’s going through!

Todrick Hall, who appeared in The Color Purple with previous Idol winner, Fantasia, is ready to learn his fate. He sits down and Kara says, “Yes!” That’s it!

Jessica Furney heads in next. She was rejected in Season 8, and is determined to proceed this time around. Randy tells her she’s not going on, but Jessica protests at length. Simon assures her they won’t be changing their minds.


Tomorrow night the remaining seventeen finalists will be revealed…and many more will be sent home – on FOX!

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Photos Courtesy: FOX

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