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Shear Genius: Ken Paves and Hair Extensions

February 17, 2010 09:44 PM by Jennifer


Ken Paves is the guest judge on tonight’s episode of Shear Genius on Bravo. The stylists have an extension challenge, but wait till you see who their clients are! Keep reading for the juicy details!


The stylists are introduced to Ken Paves, top stylist to the stars and creator of his own line of hair extensions. Adee is clearly not well, suffering from food poisoning. Camila explains to the contestants that they are going to have to create new looks with extensions for clients with short hair. To the stylists amazement, their clients are men! April is okay with this, because most of her clients in her salon are men, but the other stylists are a bit worried. The stylists draw numbers to determine who gets which client. After all nine clients are claimed, the stylists get to work with two hours on the clock. Most of the stylists give their clients extensions but you can barely notice them.

Ken goes over each look, and asks Fateemah’s client to take his hair out of the ponytail she created, and he declines, to Faatemah’s relief. Amy’s client said she made him look like trailer trash.Adee is unable to finish as he is so ill. Ken chooses Matthew as the winner for creating a younger hipper look for his client with curly hair. As the winner, Matthew gets an advantage over the others in the elimination challenge.

For their elimination challenge, the stylists go on location to a farm to style models for a cover photo shoot for romance novels. For this challenge, the stylists are told that they will be working in pairs. Since Matthew has an advantage, he gets to choose a partner or work alone. If he chooses a partner, he must assign all of the other pairs and one person to work alone. It is no surprise that Brig ends up working alone, as no one in the house seems to want to work with her because she is so weird.


It is fun to watch the stylists work together and not all against each other. As the stylists start their work, Brig realizes that she has her work cut out for her and ends up falling short on time. The remaining stylists are happy with their looks, and each pair of models is shot for a different romance novel cover. Adee is unhappy with how his style was photographed, blaming the photographer and yelling at Jonathan Antin during judging. The judges say that Matthew indeed has the best style, and you kind of saw it coming by the shortcut challenge that Faatemah was going to be the one sent packing tonight. She seemed surprised that she lost, and thanks them for the opportunity.

The Salon is down to eight stylists… Who will be the next Shear Genius?

Tune in next Wednesday at 10 pm EST to an all new episode of Shear Genius on Bravo.

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