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American Idol: What Happened To Christopher Golightly?

February 18, 2010 01:34 PM by Christine McDow


During the American Idol top 24 telecast last night we saw Christopher Golightly…for a little bit.  At the end of the show, when they showed the American Idol top 24, we noticed that Christopher was missing.  Where was he, what happened?

While producers of American Idol are keeping quiet about the reason he was released from the cast, Ryan Seacrest tweeted in response to a fans question, “must have broken a rule or maybe had previous deal.”  That seems like a pretty easy answer.  Does it have truth to it?

From our spy’s around the internet we have learned that Christopher Golightly has admitted to having a recording contract as recent as 2009.  It was with a “boy band” and must not have gone anywhere or else we surely would have heard about it by now, but still, it was a contract.  According to a source on the inside, “This is not about whether or not the contract in question was either active or inactive or valid,” the source continues. “It’s crucial you tell the truth in the audition process… That is why he’s being disqualified.”

So that is it!  Christopher Golightly is out, and Tim Urban is in!

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