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Project Runway: The Top 10 Are Revealed!

February 18, 2010 10:13 PM by Lisa Princ


The top 10 designers are revealed tonight on a brand new episode of Project Runway on Lifetime. Getting there however, would prove to be a tougher task than expected as our fashion designers would be put to one of their toughest challenges yet. As if being asked to create a look for a pint size model is not enough, tonight they must create two designs! As the the hunt for the top 10 comes to a close, will some huge risks hurt some of the designers? You’ll have to keep reading for all the details!

As we close in on finding out who will make it into the the top 10, tonight the competitors of Project Runway on Lifetime are asked to create a design for a little girl, and they must do it with only a $50 budget. They are also advised by Heidi Klum that it must be appropriate for a child, nothing to short or adult looking. The fashion designers have 15 minutes to sketch and then Tim Gunn takes them over to Mood where Seth, who scrambles trying to find some black and white checkered fabric, makes it out in the nick of time.

The designers struggle with the small measurements, but most of them are confident after realizing how much less they have to sew and design. Seth decides to go with a punk rock look since he feels his daughter would wear something like this, while others are playing it safe. Janeane decides to go simple with red top and leggings, claiming her inspiration came from a butterfly costume she wanted to wear as a child. Meanwhile Jesse did an adorable gray dress topped with a beautifully made red jacket. Mila goes bright and Emilio goes sophisticated while Jonathan and Amy decide to be risky….but will it pay off or bite them in the behind?


Just as our Project Runway fashion hopefuls feel like they are moving along smoothly, Tim Gunn throws another twist at them…big surprise! This time he proceeds to tell them that not only do they have another day to complete their design, but they also must create a companion design for their regular models. Nothing like last minute huh? So with $100 they head off to Mood once again for some extra fabric and then it’s back to the sewing machines for them.

Mila decides that she finally feels like she is getting along with the other competitors better now that she is opening up and talking to them. And speaking of talking, all of the fashion designers are wondering just how long Anthony can keep quiet for! As they start to take bets, Anthony starts chattering a minute after being asked not to. In a second attempt, they all cover his mouth with some fabric and set the timer. Anthony is able to keep himself quiet for all of 14 minutes, which is a lifetime record for him he claims as he also declares how much extra work he got done without chattering.

It’s almost runway time on Project Runway and Tim Gunn makes his rounds. He tells Janeane that her colors look like Halloween, but of course she does not see it that way. Amy, who decided to match her ruffled children’s skirt with an oddly ruffled pantsuit, gets a mixed review from Tim who tells her it could go either way. Jonathan with all his ruffles gets a similar review from Tim Gunn, but it was a risk he was willing to take. Would it pay off though or would be the demise of his design?


It was finally runway time on Project Runway and boy did those adorable little girls rock the show, I didn’t even notice the models because those little girls were so cute! Heidi Klum then called Seth, Amy, Jonathan, Jay, Jesse and Janeane and told the rest of the group they were safe. Seth, Jesse and Jay were in the top 3, with one of them winning while Janeane, Amy and Jonathan were in the bottom three. I guess the judges did not like either Jonathan’s nor Amy’s risk taking fashion design.

After a brief discussion, Heidi Klum told Jesse he was safe and could leave and then she announced that Seth was this week’s winner and would have immunity next week. I guess being a dad to a daughter really paid off this week for Seth, I could definitely see my daughter wanting that outfit as well. After Jay was told he was safe it was then time to move on to the bottom three. Jonathan was told he was safe by Heidi and could leave the runway.

That meant the bottom two this week would be Janeane with her super simple design and Amy with her over the top design. The judges told Amy her girl’s design looked like she ran out of the house during a fire and grabbed everything she could to throw on her. Janeane on the other hand was told her outfit looked cheap and the companion outfit was poorly constructed. In the end, Amy was sent to safety and Janeane was out! Good luck to Janeane, keep at it and maybe we’ll see you in the future!

Be sure to tune in next Thursday at 10 PM EST for a brand new episode of Project Runway. See you after the show!

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