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Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains — Tribal Turmoil

February 18, 2010 07:42 PM by Ryan Haidet


Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains is already taking an ironic twist just two episodes in — the Heroes are turning out to be more villainous than ever expected.  Tonight’s episode delivered a big fight amongst the Heroes, but also featured a dramatic collapse of Boston Rob, which showed how tough the game truly is.

‘Rob, Can You Hear Me?’

The morning of Day 4, the Villains were working to reconstruct their shelter yet again after the rain was really starting to take its toll.  While Boston Rob was working to figure it out, Parvati was questioning his ideas.  “This shelter sucks,” Rob said in a confessional.  “It’s terrible.”  He started to regret not taking a stronger leadership role earlier on.  As he kept working, Rob suddenly started feeling sick and went to take a break.  When he wandered off alone, he collapsed.  Jerri found him laying on the ground and quickly went to get help.


Host Jeff Probst and a medical team arrived to check on him and determined he was healthy enough to continue — he had just passed out.  “I feel like it’s getting the best of me,” Rob said with tears streaming down his cheeks.  Probst helped him get back on his feet, and he slowly headed back to camp.

Tocantins Challenge Take Two

On Day 5, the tribes arrived for a challenge we saw last year in Tocantins.  The tribes had to collect six large crates before stacking them to create a staircase.  The first team to get all of their tribemates to the top would win both Immunity and Reward in the form of a tarp, rope and nails.


Since JT had competed in the challenge before, the Heroes decided that everybody should listen to him for guidance.  As the challenge kicked off, the Heroes were way ahead of the Villains with all six of their crates collected first.  But creating the puzzle staircase proved difficult for the Heroes.  James started yelling at his tribemates to shut up as Rupert watched from the sidelines frustrated with his broken toe.


The Villains came from behind during the puzzle just like in the first challenge and took home Immunity with Boston Rob’s leadership and everybody else’s muscle.


The Heroes returned to camp as James reiterated that he was angry nobody was paying attention to JT’s leadership.  “One voice next time, ya’ll,” he said.  Tom was surprised by James’ actions when he yelled at everybody, but didn’t want to say anything negative.  Soon after, James started campaigning against Stephenie saying she is a curse since every time she plays Survivor she loses.


The alliance of Tom, Colby and Stephenie realized they were in trouble so they concocted a plan to get Candice and Cirie on their side.  They hoped the pair would join them in voting against Amanda.

After both of the women had been approached, Cirie and Candice sat down and discussed their plans.  Although they didn’t have a distinct decision at that moment on who to vote off, one thing was clear — the unlikely pair formed an alliance.

Tempers Flare As One More Gets Snuffed

At their second Tribal Council, the Heroes talked about the troubles they had during the challenge.  James once again said that only one voice should have been talking during that challenge, but he said Stephenie didn’t keep her mouth shut.  When she tried to defend herself, James shut her down, which upset Colby.  The often calm cowboy argued with James and told him to back off.  Then Tom stepped up and said James was being a bully.

Then the voting began, and when it was all over Probst revealed Stephenie was the next to go by a five to three (the other votes against Amanda).  As Stephenie’s torch was snuffed she turned and said, “Next time y’all lose a challenge, a little less cursing off your tribe might help.”  James responded, “Keep your mouth shut.”

This season is already getting dirty, and next week’s preview shows James losing his cool again.


Images courtesy of CBS.

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