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The Bachelor: Former Contestant Rozlyn Papa “Fires Back” at Chris Harrison During ‘The Women Tell All’ Taping

February 18, 2010 10:00 AM by Nancy Floyd


Rozlyn Papa may forever be remembered for her alleged sex scandal on ABC‘s The Bachelor. The 28-year old model and single mother was kicked off the dating show for reportedly engaging in an “inappropriate relationship” with Ryan Callahan, one of the show’s producers. Naturally, Papa denies it all and finally gets a chance to go head-to-head with The Bachelor‘s host, Chris Harrison, on next week’s The Women Tell All special…

It seems that Rozlyn Papa is not going down without a fight! Fans were shocked to see the bombshell dismissed from The Bachelor after only two episodes for allegedly getting involved with one of the show’s staffers. Papa has vehemently denied the allegations since they surfaced despite looking rather guilty on-air when confronted about it by Harrison. ”Everyone who knows me knows it wasn’t true and it’s kind of silly,” she says. Papa finally got her chance to address the rumors (and Harrison) at The Women Tell All taping and she didn’t bother to play nice.

“I wasn’t nice to Chris Harrison,” Papa says about the taping. ”He did not do well with actual confrontation. He said something like, ‘We’re all just really wounded by this because a member of our family, one of our dear friends was fired.’ I said, ‘It’s funny you should say that because I talked to this producer and the fact that you guys are friends is news to him. He didn’t get a really friendly vibe when you were hitting on his [now former] wife last year in New Zealand!’”

Papa says that her accusations didn’t sit well with Harrison. “He tried to play it off at first but you could tell he was pissed,” the model says. ”As soon as Chris Harrison started getting angry they whisked me off the stage.”

The former bachelorette says her experience at the filming of The Women Tell All special “wasn’t really fun” and she wonders whether or not her argument with Harrison will even make it into the episode. “They’re crafty, those people over at The Bachelor,” Papa says.

In his Entertainment Weekly blog, Harrison confirms Papa’s presence on the special, saying, “Yes, Rozlyn comes back and is on the show. I got to sit down with her and go step by step through the entire ordeal. You will also hear for the first time explosive new details from the other women. That’s all I will tell you for now other than that I’m extremely happy she showed up. Trust me when I tell you, you do not want to miss this show!”

The Bachelor special, The Women Tell All, airs Monday, February 22 at 8pm on ABC.

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