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The Bachelor: Vienna Girardi is Still Obsessed With Her Ex-Boyfriend

February 20, 2010 11:00 AM by Nancy Floyd


Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be any more dirty secrets hidden by The Bachelor‘s Vienna Girardi, Us Weekly reports that the show’s infamous bachelorette (and one of Jake Pavelka’s final two choices) is still harboring feelings for her ex-boyfriend, Lee Smith. We’re not talking about fond memories and well wishes for a previous boyfriend. We’re talking crazy, fatal attraction-esque obsession! Keep reading to find out all the shocking details…

Several sources close to The Bachelor‘s Vienna Girardi confirm that the reality TV villain is still madly in love with ex-boyfriend, Lee Smith. ”She wants to get back together with him,” a source claims. As soon as filming wrapped on The Bachelor, Vienna reportedly raced back to Smith’s apartment in Florida to reunite with him. She was in for a rude awakening, however, when she discovered that Smith had moved on with another woman.

According to the source, when Vienna discovered that Smith had taken up with local waitress Cassie Heaberlin, she “got so angry that she walked right into the house and went to the bedroom.” Another insider claims she even threatened Smith and Heaberlin with physical violence. Allegedly the couple ”woke up to see Vienna standing at the foot of the bed holding a wine bottle, like she was going to hit them with it.” Creepy much?

Smith is actually the one responsible for helping Vienna land a spot on The Bachelor. While the couple was still dating, he set her up with a casting director for the ABC dating show. When your boyfriend signs you up for a dating competition, that’s probably a good sign that he’s trying to get rid of you. But Vienna wasn’t ready to let Smith go. Before she left to film the show, a source says, ”Vienna told Lee she’d be back for him.”

If Vienna was so in love with this guy, why would she ever agree to be on The Bachelor in the first place? Not surprisingly, an insider reveals she had less-than-honorable intentions. ”She was just on to be famous,” a source explains. “She never thought she’d make it so far.” Yeah, neither did we.

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