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Extreme Makeover Home Edition: Wagstaff Family and KISS!

February 21, 2010 06:58 PM by Candace Young


On tonight’s edition of Extreme Makeover Home Edition on ABC, Ty Pennington and his Design Team travel to Gainesville, Florida to help out Jill and Tobin Wagstaff and their four children, an artistic family who have had to let their own home become increasingly run-down in order to keep their non-profit music school going. The Wagstaffs run Studio Percussion Inc., which currently serves about 200 people, half of which receive financial aid or a full scholarship. Read on for highlights…

On Door Knock Day, Tobin Wagstaff and his family rush out to meet Ty and the gang. The kids tell Ty they are huge fans of the band KISS. Ty shares that the family will be sent on a rock ‘n’ roll vacation beginning at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame!

Jill and Tobin take Ty on a tour of the house – it’s unsafe, has water damage, dry rot, and is infested with rodents.

Eduardo and Didiayer discuss plans for youngsters, Dallas and Jolene’s room, while Paul tries to entertain TJ, Rudy, and Dallas outside.

A huge marching band parades up to the Wagstaff home to herald the arrival of the volunteers and ARK builders.


Once the Wagstaffs arrive in Cleveland at the Hall of Fame, Ty contacts them to watch the demolition of their house. A band takes the stage – featuring Ty Pennington on guitar and vocals! It’s destruction by concert! Rock ‘n’ Roll Demo isn’t a great tune by any stretch of the imagination – but it gets the job done!

As the team gets down to business, Eduardo works on a rock ‘n’ roll bed, and Ty gives instructions regarding a collage of the family he wants created. He then goes to take some music lessons! Didiayer visits a fifties style diner to get inspiration for Jolene’s room – she loves to play kitchen!

Back at the house, Paul revels in the symphony of the build. Ty gets in touch with the Wagstaff family and tells them to open their gift – it contains VIP bus passes. Ty says the bus will take them on a trip of a lifetime – to meet their idols – KISS!


The family is absolutely floored to meet the band and Tobin is blown away when he gets the opportunity to play drums with them in rehearsal! Jill can hardly breathe and the kids go crazy!

Work continues on the Wagstaff’s new home. Eduardo notes that his favorite part of the rebuild is the stage they’re putting in! Paul is overseeing the creation of race car beds for Dallas and Rudy.

Ed, meanwhile, is with the Wagstaff family and KISS. He tells Jill and Tobin he wants them to meet a music teacher, Mr. Scott, who also gives the gift of music to kids and faces similar challenges. KISS say they’ll look after the kids while Jill and Tobin meet Mr. Scott. Soon there is a loud announcement and KISS rounds up the very surprised school children and everyone meets in the auditorium where KISS announces that the school will receive new musical instruments, and also that the Wagstaffs will be their special guests at their concert later!

The Wagstaffs rock on in the audience that night – Ed gets to go too!


Back in Gainesville, the furniture is going into the new house and the finishing touches are being made!

It’s soon time to bring the Wagstaffs home! The limo pulls up and the crowd screams and cheers. They all chant, “Move that bus!” The family experiences disbelief at the sight of their new home – Tobin comments that the sky is the limit now! They thanks the builders, then head inside!


Jill loves the orange walls and huge windows in the new living area. Ty comes in and asks what they think – they say it’s awesome! The kids run to see their rooms. Jolene loves her kitchen room, and TJ loves his art room complete with new easel. TJ learns from Ty that he is going to be on a cover of a new Marvel comic! Dallas and Rudy simulate a tire-screeching race in their car beds!

Tobin and Jill check out their new master bedroom and admire the headboard of their bed made with guitar strings. Ty gathers the family and takes them to see their new music studio! He then takes them to see the backyard – everyone from Studio Percussion is there! Ty tells them their mortgage has been paid off – the Wagstaffs vow to pay it forward. Soon the backyard is filled with the sound of music!

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Photos Courtesy: ABC, Insite Magazine, Alligator, Sun Sentinel

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