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Giuliana & Bill: The Rancic’s Hit Hong Kong

February 21, 2010 08:32 PM by Jennifer


They may be on a quest to have a baby, but for now, Giuliana & Billmust also focus on their careers which takes them to Hong Kong! Even though they are there for work, they are still thinking about having a baby. Keep reading to hear all about their Asian adventure!

On tonight’s episone of Giuliana & Bill, Giuliana needs to go to Hong Kong to launch the premiere of E! News Asia. Lucky for Bill, he has also landed a speaking engagement at the University of Hong Kong. So as the couple pack and prepare to leave, they call Giuliana’s OBGYN because they have decided to do Intrauterine Insemination or IUI. Bill needs to give Giuliana hormone injections, which may need to happen while they are away so they want to be prepared. After their visit with the doctor, the couple takes off for a week away.

When they arrive in Hong Kong, Giuliana is totally interested in shopping, and Bill is more interested in getting Giuliana to try the local cuisine so she can gain the five pounds that her doctor says she needs to do. After a long day of strolling through Asian markets seeing live fish being gutted and shopping for clothes for appearances while they are there, Giuliana & Bill sit down with a palm reader. He tells the couple that they should have a minimum of two children, and it will not be good for their marriage if they don’t have children. After this enlightening news, the couple buy incense and visit a temple where they are shown how to pay respects to the spirits there.

During their visit to the temple, they are shown 2 small figures that are to resemble the Buddha’s lips, and tells them they are to make a wish and drop them, and depending on how they land, your wish may or may not come true. They take turns dropping the figures, and each of the four time’s Bill drops them the answer to his wish is no. Giuliana knows they both are asking for the same thing, getting pregnant, and when she tells him to concentrate and drop them again, the answer the figures give him is yes, and Giuliana is a little more assured that they will become pregnant.


Since their trip is not all play and no work, the couple attends Bill’s speaking engagement at the University of Hong Kong, where he is very popular since winning the first season of The Apprentice. After speaking to some very eager business students there, they head out to Giuliana’s launch of E! News Asia, and also a few press interviews together. After a long day, the couple return to the hotel the couple realizes that it is that time of the month to give Giuliana her injections, and Bill is happy to do it. Giuliana, on the other hand, is scared to have her husband give her the shots. After a quick few moments, the first shot is over and they have just taken their first step in achieving their dream of becoming parents.

When they return home, Giuliana gives her best friend Colet a Chanel bag she bought her while they were away. She had originally planned on jokingly buying her a knock off, but ended up buying her a real one anyway, which Colet was so surprised and happy with.

The couple must now do the hormone shots for 6 days, then they can undergo the IUI procedure, which the couple is thrilled about. Will a little Rancic soon be on the way?

Tune in next Sunday at 9 PM EST to see how things go!
Giuliana & Bill on The Style Network. See you after the show!!

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