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The Amazing Race: Wrangling Llamas and Milking Cows in Chile

February 22, 2010 01:03 AM by Nancy Floyd


An all-new episode of The Amazing Race aired tonight on CBS as the ten remaining teams raced across Chile for the chance to become one step closer to winning one million dollars. On episode two of CBS‘s The Amazing Race 16, tempers flare in Chile as new alliances are formed, underestimated teams struggle to prove their worth, and everyone is forced to milk a volatile cow. Keep reading to for a recap on all the drama that went down on episode two as all ten teams, including former Big Brother contestants Jeff and Jordan, race across Chile…

After a mandatory rest period in Valparaiso, Chile, the teams are heading to Puerto Varus, Chile. Jeff and Jordan are the first team to start the new lag of the race with the other teams following close behind. As the ten remaining teams head to the bus station in Santiago, the teams reflect on how they feel their faring thus far. The cowboys (Jet & Cord) are feeling underestimated, the lesbians (Carol & Brandy) realize their mistake in mocking the Big Brother team (Jeff and Jordan), Brent and Miss Teen SC Caite are feeling like outcasts, while Jeff convinces Jordan that dogs in Chile bark in Spanish.

The lesbians (Carol & Brandy) form an alliance with Joe & Heidi for this leg of the journey which causes all kinds of drama among the racers. Nobody’s happy at the bus station when Joe & Heidi hold a place for Carol & Brandy in line which results in the two pairs receiving the last four bus tickets. Three teams (Jet & Cord, Brent & Caite, and Jeff and Jordan) realize they may have more luck reaching Puerto Varus before the others if they catch a bus to a different city first and connect. The six Amazing Race contestants board a bus to Temuco with the potential of beating the other teams by eight hours.


Once they arrive in Temuco, the cowboys are the only team to bother checking where the bus will be departing from. While Brent & Caite and Jeff and Jordan stand around, their bus is departing from another terminal leaving them stranded for the night. The cowboys manage to make it on board and are in first place by a long shot. Meanwhile, Brent & Caite and Jeff and Jordan are devastated to find out that there are no more buses leaving that night. Worried that they may have made a detrimental mistake, the teams hurry from window to window until they find a bus leaving at 1am.

Early the next morning, the cowboys (Jet & Cord) are the first to arrive in Puerto Varus and set down the rainy path for their first clue. Jet & Cord are clearly ready for anything as evidenced by the mini ponchos they’re using to protect their cowboy hats from the rain. As the other Amazing Race teams begin arriving at the bus station (including Brent & Caite and Jeff and Jordan who still manage to be among the first teams to arrive) , they hurry into their cars to make the drive to the next stop. Brothers Dan & Jordan struggle to figure out how to drive a stick. I’m no car expert but I think turning off the emergency brake helps.


Time for the first Detour. The teams can choose between two challenges. The first challenge requires teams to place a blanket and a scarf on a llama. That seems simple enough until you realize that llamas can both spit and kick. Delightful. The other challenge requires teams to dress up as a condor and “fly” (read: belly flop) into freezing cold water to retrieve a clue.

The cowboys (Jet & Cord) opt for the llama challenge and manage to complete it in record time before any other teams show up. They hereby deem themselves the llama whisperers and I wholeheartedly agree. As Jet & Cord race to find the next clue, Joe & Heidi and Carol & Brandy attempt to charm a few llamas themselves. They have less luck and the spitting and kicking ensue. In the llamas’ defense, I would also like to spit on and/or kick these two conniving teams. Brent & Caite and Jeff and Jordan are among the few teams to choose the condor detour and into the water they go.

As the other teams decide between the two detours, Grandmother/granddaughter team Jody & Shannon finally arrive by bus. Despite being in last place, they use their drive as an opportunity to talk about all the things they love and admire about one another. In typical grandmother fashion, Jody only has the most encouraging things to say about her granddaughter. If she wasn’t driving through a rain-soaked Chile on her way to corral wild llamas, I would fully expect Granny to whip up a batch of warm chocolate chip cookies for Shannon.

As teams are finishing up the Detour, it’s time to move on to a Roadblock. Teams must race around a farm to collect five necessary ingredients for a traditional local dessert. The ingredients are fresh butter, sugar, flour, eggs, and milk straight from a cow. Jet & Cord’s redneck ways finally come in handy and they milk that cow with impressive speed and precision. They’re the first to finish the Roadblock and head to the Pit Stop. Joe & Heidi and Carol & Brandy have slightly more difficulties performing farmhand duties but soon finish the Roadblock with no problems. Brent & Caite arrive next and Brent makes the astute observation, while milking a cow and sitting right next to it’s backside, that it “smells like ass.” Spoken like the true genius he is.


Jody & Shannon seem to be tied with brothers Dan & Jordan for last place as they hurry to the Roadblock. Fortunately for them, the detectives (Louie & Michael, who both sound exactly like Ray Romano) miss the farm entirely and drive twenty miles out of their way. Brothers Dan & Jordan finish the Roadblock and hurry to the Pit Stop where the other seven teams have already checked in. It all comes down to Jody & Shannon and the Detectives (Louie & Michael).

Jody is working her way around the farm and seems like a shoo-in to complete the task first. That is until she gets kicked in the head by a cow!! What kind of disrespectful cow kicks an 70-year old woman in the head? Note to self: do not cross the cows in Chile. They’re ruthless! The detectives (Louie & Michael) race through the farm and manage to finish a few moments before Jody & Shannon. Now the two teams have to race to the Pit Stop. Who is it gonna be?! Sadly, Jody & Shannon arrive just moments after the Detectives and are the last team to check in. The Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan breaks the news that they’re eliminated from the contest. Not surprisingly, the pair have nothing but love for one another.

Tune in to CBS next Sunday for an all-new episode of The Amazing Race. For other great The Amazing Race news, please feel free to check out SirLinksALot: Amazing Race. Discuss on our reality TV message boards.

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