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American Idol 9 February 23 – Top Twelve Girls Perform!

February 23, 2010 07:57 PM by Candace Young


Tonight on FOX, host Ryan Seacrest introduces us once again to the Top Twelve girls who made it through from the Hollywood round. The girls will perform live on American Idol tonight, and the stakes are high as two of them will be eliminated on Thursday night. Need a refresher on the contestants? Check out Reality TV Magazine’s guide to the Top 24! What comments will judges Randy Jackson, Simon Cowell, Kara DioGuardi, and Ellen Degeneres make tonight? Read on for all of the highlights!

The show opens with Ryan asking Ellen why she’s not sitting next to Simon. Deadpan, Ellen says it’s safer – Simon wants her and has wandering hands! Simon chuckles as Ellen cues a video from rehearsal showing her slapping his hand away.

Paige Miles
is the first live act of the night. In a black outfit and a wide gold lame belt accent, Paige delivers a sassy version of Alright Now, and gets the audience clapping along. Her finish is particularly impressive. Simon tells her he genuinely thinks she has the best voice of the girls, but the song choice wasn’t great – it was for a wedding singer. Kara disagrees – she thought the song had soul. Randy agrees with Simon about the song choice not working, but he loves her big voice. Ellen gives Paige kudos for going first, and says she was really present – it was great!


Ashley Rodriguez
is up second singing a Leona Lewis song, Happy. She is wearing jeans, white t-shirt and a metallic jacket. She does a reasonably good job. Kara tells her it was a big song, but there were moments that weren’t great. Randy agrees – she doesn’t want to be compared to the big singers. Ellen thinks she should do something with a whole different vibe. Simon calls it a clumsy version, and warns that she is going backwards – there was no originality.

Janell Wheeler
is the third hopeful to take the stage tonight. She sings What About Love by Heart. Janell looks great in black tights and a purple trendy top, but the song seems off-key. Randy’s first words are, “No, no!” He says the song choice didn’t work for her at all. Ellen liked the song, but points out that there were some off notes. Simon tells her she started to go off key when she got excited and thought it was going well – he thinks she’ll survive though. Kara like her, but agrees that the song was too big for her – it made everything distinctive about her voice go away.

Lilly Scott
from Denver will try her luck in front of the judges next. She has chosen a Beatles song, and accompanies herself on guitar. Her arrangement is original, and her green dress as casual and natural as her performance. Ellen says that is what they’re talking about – an original song choice and a distinctive voice. Simon says she’s definitely the best so far because she’s showing herself as an artist – he would like to see more star power, though. Kara notes that she could feel how at ease she was performing, and everyone will remember her. Randy tells her she’s like an indie artist and he loves the honesty.


Katelyn Epperly
will be the next contestant to grace the stage. She will sing a song from 1969, Oh Darlin’. Dressed in a sexy black leather dress, black hosiery, with a black feather in her hair, she delivers a smoky version of the tune. Simon thinks it was messy in spots, but he likes her a lot. Kara notes that she knows her voice very well, but liked her look better more natural. Randy scoffs – she looks nice! He thought the whole vibe was great! Ellen adds that it was interesting and she has a great voice.

Haeley Vaughn
was in high school last week – this week she’s performing live on the Idol stage! Haeley sings I Want To Hold Your Hand by the Beatles. She has an interesting arrangement, to which she accompanies herself on guitar. She is dressed in a white mini-dress and sky-high heels. Kara points out there were some technical issues with the performance, but she draws people in. Randy likes her unpredictability, but agrees that there are issues with some of her notes. Ellen marvels at the stage presence she has for a sixteen year-old – she enjoyed it. Simon candidly says it was verging on terrible – she looked like a wind-up doll that doesn’t stop smiling throughout, which caused her vocal problems. He deems it a mess! Ellen says if it was a mess, it was a hot mess.

Lacey Brown
tries her best to impress singing Fleetwood Mac’s Landslide. In a pretty floral dress with a wide metallic belt, Lacey slows things down with an original approach to the song, but her vocals seem thin at times. Randy shakes his head – not the right song for her and pitchy all over the place. Ellen says she’s sorry, but she thinks she’s better than that. Simon labels it depressing, and feels it was slightly indulgent – she hasn’t worked out who she is yet. Kara thinks the problem was the song, and hope she gets one more shot.


Michelle Delamor
comes out for her turn on stage in skinny jeans and a black silky top. She sings Fallen by Alicia Keyes. Michelle’s performance sounds amazing! Ellen tells Michelle that it was fantastic – it seemed easy for her. Simon says she did very, very well – she ‘s quite professional – but needs to do something that makes her different. Kara’s also thinks she has to be more original. Randy agrees with Ellen that she has more in her – that seemed to easy for her – she needs to take risks.

Didi Benami
comes out in a black outfit accented by a colorful crocheted vest and sings a truly pleasant version of Take Me the Way I Am. Simon deems it safe and unoriginal, but says he does like her. Kara feels she did make some changes to the song that made it different, but Randy weighs in, saying Simon hit it earlier – where’s the star factor? Ellen says she has a great voice, but it was a little low key to make an impression.

Siobhan Magnus
, a glass-blowing apprentice from Massachusetts takes the live Idol stage to sing Wicked Game by Chris Isaac. Siobhan has her hair up with a flower in it, and is wearing a black dress and fishnets – very different from what we’ve seen her wear in the past. She offers up an intense, yet melodious version of her chosen song. Kara calls her a quirky girl – she kinda’ liked it! Randy says he liked that part of the song where she opened up her vocals – she has a big voice. Ellen was entertained – she really liked it a lot. Simon notes she really is a funny little thing – they never know what she’s going to do! He wonders why she chose such a dark song – she says it was haunting but showed her softer side as well.


Crystal Bowersox
takes the stage for her shot at remaining in the Idol competition. She sings an Alanis Morrisette song and accompanies herself on both guitar and harmonica – much to the delight of the crowd. She is dressed casually and is completely at ease on the stage. Randy says she’s one of his favorites due to her originality and honesty. Ellen says she’s a fan also – they’re lucky that she decided to audition for the show! Simon adds that it was good – they like her – but there are thousands of her doing this outside of subway stations. He says Alanis Morrisette is ‘sound alike’ for her – but he really likes her and finds her refreshing. Kara thinks Simon means for Crystal not to be a coffee house performer, but she feels Crystal will survive the week.

Katie Stevens
closes the girl’s performance episode with Michael Buble’s Feelin’ Good. The seventeen year-old comes out dressed in a little black dress with a red sash around the middle and red pumps! She belts out a sultry arrangement of the song that Ellen thinks was a too ‘old’ for her – she should be more current. Simon agrees – she needs to be a young recording artist. Kara notes she has great chops, but it was all over the place at times. Randy weighs in and agrees – she can only be seventeen once!

Tomorrow night on FOX, American Idol 9 viewers will see the performances from the Top Twelve Guys!

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Photos Courtesy: FOX

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