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The Bachelor: Host Chris Harrison Calls Rozlyn ‘Desperate’ After Last Night’s ‘The Women Tell All’ Special

February 23, 2010 02:00 PM by Nancy Floyd


Fans of ABC‘s The Bachelor were dying to see the much-anticipated (and equally hyped) Women Tell All special last night when host Chris Harrison would finally confront ousted bachelorette Rozlyn Papa about her alleged sex scandal with a producer. Viewers witnessed the heated exchange as denials were made, accusations flew, and a whole lot of bad acting took place. The Bachelor‘s host Chris Harrison speaks out about the interview calling Rozlyn “desperate” and her actions “alarming”…

It was the moment fans of The Bachelor had been waiting for: seeing the long, publicly drawn out, he-said/she-said argument between Rozlyn Papa and Chris Harrison finally put to rest on national television. For the first time since being asked to leave The Bachelor, Rozlyn Papa had her opportunity to go head-to-head with Chris Harrison about what did and did not happen while she was a contestant on the ABC reality dating show.

Rozlyn was asked to leave on the second episode of ABC‘s The Bachelor for participating in an “inappropriate relationship” with one of the show’s producers. Fans were as shocked as Jake Pavelka when Chris Harrison delivered the news but in typical reality TV show fashion, the story just wouldn’t die. Rozlyn denied the claims to pretty much every media outlet that would listen and last night, finally had the chance to sit down for a face-to-face conversation with the man who accused her. “Rozlyn’s behavior at the Women Tell All special put everything in an alarming new light,” Harrison says about the interview.

After several eyewitness accounts from other bachelorettes and more than a few fumbled responses from Rozlyn, it seemed apparent to everyone that this woman was clearly lying. Harrison agrees saying, “I truly think the two segments with Rozlyn speak for themselves and I know that there is no doubt in anybody’s mind now as to what really happened between her and our former producer.”

Tensions really flared towards the end of the interview when Rozlyn accused Harrison of hitting on the producer’s wife last year in New Zealand. During the taping, Harrison responded that he wouldn’t dignify her accusation with a response. The Bachelor host is speaking out about it now, however, saying, “It was a desperate attempt by a very desperate woman to create a diversion and deflect the spotlight from herself as she had done several times throughout the interview when she felt backed into a corner by the overwhelming truth. I was extremely disappointed that Rozlyn would stoop to that level and bring my family and me into this already sad and unfortunate situation.”

Fans needn’t worry about the rumor stirring up any unnecessary strife between Harrison and his wife. The Bachelor host says, “My wife, who I’ve been with since I was 18 and have been married to for over 16 years, was in the audience that night and got as big a laugh out of Rozlyn’s comment as I did.”

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