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The Bachelor: Women Tell All!

February 23, 2010 04:21 AM by Candace Young


Tonight on ABC, Chris Harrison will host the Women Tell All episode of The Bachelor, where women who Jake Pavelka sent home reunite to face Jake and dish about the season. Highlights of the season will also be shown, including never seen before footage! Read on for highlights!

The show begins with Chris asking Jake about the Rozlyn scandal (she was caught canoodling with a producer and kicked to the curb), and game player, Elizabeth, who wouldn’t let Jake kiss her. Jake says the whole thing with Rosalyn caused him to second guess his decision to find love on The Bachelor, and that the game with Elizabeth deteriorated into teasing.

Chris mentions how Jake and Vienna were brought together by facing the fear of the bungee jump from the bridge together. Jake admits he was truly terrified, and says his feelings for Vienna began to blossom right there.


Jake is asked about the other finalist, Tenley, which he describes as a match made in heaven (because they were so alike), as well as the emotional moment of Ali leaving the show for work. Jake says when they parted, they were in love with each other, and there was no closure.

Past contestants from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette enjoyed a huge get together in Las Vegas – and it’s wild! There was also a Bachelor reunion on a Mexican cruise. They all compare notes on how hot their love lives have been since they were dumped on TV! Also featured are a group of former Bachelor associates who work with charity – specifically Portraits of Hope. Chris Harrison is also shown presenting a check on behalf of the show to Ellen Degeneres for Haiti relief! Other former hopefuls, such as Juan and Kiptyn from Jillian’s season, volunteer at food banks.

It’s time for Chris to welcome back Jake’s rejected Bachelorettes. They begin by dishing about the feeling of nervousness that begins when they first get out of the limo. Ashleigh H admits that she planned to fall into Jake’s arms! The antics of some of the women are played on the big screen – including Rozlyn, who the other girls called ‘tacky’, and Michelle, who they say scared them with her single-minded focus on Jake! Also featured is the girls giggling that Tenley seems to have fell out of a Disney movie, and saying that Vienna is catty and full of drama. Ashleigh H is show calling Vienna white trash when she was sent home.


Chris asks what upset them most about Vienna. Ella points out that she was immature, and she kept saying things she had to apologize for. Gia agrees that is true, but says she still sees Vienna as being worthy of love with a good man.

Elizabeth is called out on her game playing and ‘teasing’. She says it was just a strategy, and she regrets the way it played out.

Chris then brings up Rozalyn – he tells the other girls he just wants facts. Gia doesn’t know what went on, but she wasn’t in her bed at night. Ashleigh adds that they Rozalyn and the producer were snuggling and not hiding their affection. Jessie tells Chris that she saw Rozalyn on top of the producer on the stairs, and they were making out. Ella tells a story of Rozalyn sticking her butt up in the air on the couch and remarking to the other girls to send the producer in, because she needed to be put to bed!


Gia joins Chris Harrison on the couch. He comments that she and Jake seemed to have a great connection, but she had trouble opening up. Gia admits that she fell in love, but each time she went to tell Jake, she would freeze up. She vows that she will tell the next guy she meets how she feels – joking that she will be like Michelle!

Michelle is the next to chat with Chris. He calls her out on threatening to leave all the time and crying a lot. Michelle admits she was hoping to connect with Jake during their kiss, and was embarrassed and shocked to be sent home in the middle of the date. The other girls say Michelle was unstable and the show portrayed her accurately, but Michelle insists she’s stable. This causes some raised eyebrows among the other women!

Ali is asked to come forward to speak with Chris. They watch the footage of her throughout the process and Ali tears up, saying that was really hard to watch – leaving was one of the most emotional things she had to go through. Ali admits she believed that if they were really in love, he would come find her no matter what – but he didn’t!


Ali tells Chris that she threw herself into her work in part because she was scared of having her heart broken. Chris next asks about the situation between her and Vienna. Ali says she can be blunt, and she looks back and regrets being mean, noting that Vienna is now getting trashed in the tabloids and needs their support.

Controversial Rozlyn is brought out to sit with Chris and give her side of the story. She waves to the other women as she comes out, but gets no reaction. Chris thanks her for coming, and notes that he has no ill will toward her. He points out that she met the producer when he came to her hometown, and asks if that’s when their relationship began. She says they became friends between then, and nothing physical happened at the hotel in L.A., or in the house between them. Rozalyn claims that when Chris told her she had to go, she thought it was because she had borrowed Aidan’s phone to call her son. The other women debunk this, and Chris tells her that the simplest thing is for her to tell the truth. Rozlyn becomes very defensive and again denies having a physical relationship with the producer in the house.

Chris asks the other women to tell what they saw in the house. Christina, Jessie, and Ella all tell their stories of seeing Rozlyn with the producer. Rozlyn swears on her child’s life that it never happened! The other women are appalled. One of the women who Rozlyn made friends with during the process even tells her that she no longer believes her. Chris explains why the cameras didn’t catch the inappropriate behavior, saying she well knows there was plenty of downtime. The other women agree. Chris notes that the producer and his father also visited her at home after he was fired – none of the other women were visited! Chris says there is a mountain of evidence to support them having asked her to leave, and that the producer was a friend who he didn’t like to see fired from the show. Rozlyn retorts that’s news to the producer, who told her that Chris was hitting on his wife in New Zealand! Chris says he won’t dignify that with a response, and says he hopes she has learned a life lesson.

Jake comes out next, and Chris asks what it’s like to face all of these gorgeous women. Jake notes that he made a lot of friends. Chris wonders what it was like to let Gia go home. Jake says in his heart he was crying, and he’s sorry. He then asks about Ali going home. Jake looks at her and admits he was hoping that she would have jumped out of the limo that night. Both are choked up as she says she is sorry. Jake tells her she’ll always have a friend. Kathryn is discussed – Jake says he just identified little things that didn’t work for him in past relationships. Jake then tells Chris that looking back he wished he’d had more time to get to know Christina, who was actually very funny when he watched the first episodes.

Some funny bloopers are shown next, including malfunctioning furniture, pranks, farts and rodents!

Chris asks Jake if he is happy with his decision. Jake confirms that he is happy. Chris says that next week is the time for us to find out what the outcome of Jake’s season is – will he choose Vienna or Tenley? Footage of Jake and Vienna’s dates are shown, with Vienna saying that she believes them to be a perfect match. Jake and Tenley’s highlights are also aired, and Tenley comments that she is giddy, blissful, and in love. Be right here next week when Tenley and Vienna meet Jake’s family on the season finale of The Bachelor!

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