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Shear Genius: Guest Judge Tabatha Coffey!

February 24, 2010 09:14 PM by Jennifer


After Faatemah was eliminated on last week’s episode of Shear Genius on Bravo, the remaining 8 stylists realize that the challenges are only going to get harder. What they don’t realize is they may face their toughest Judge yet, Tabatha Coffey of Tabatha’s Salon Takeover!


For tonight’s shortcut challenge, the stylists must each create a hairstyle inspired by a flower, making it seem like the flowers are actually hair. Since Matthew won the elimination challenge last week, he got to pick his model first for the challenge, and after each stylist chooses a model, the challenge begins. As they each take turns trying to coordinate not only petals from their flowers but also unique colors, Brig again seems to have bitten off more than she can chew and thinks she is going to run out of time, which seems to happen for every challenge.

As their styles are critiqued, Jon is rejected for his choice of purple color, and Janine’s style is called drag queen. Adee beat himself up about about his choice of flower, and realizes his style was no good at all. Brig spent too much time on her design and crashed and burned. Adee and Jon were chosen as the bottom two, while he really liked April and Brian’s styles. THey both had great color choices and unique ideas. Brian is named as the winner, and receives a special advantage in the elimination challenge.

The next day, the stylists receive what seems to be an invitation to a formal event, but is actually paving the way for their next challenge. As they arrive at the venue dressed in their best formal wear, they are introduced to their newest clients, a group of Indian women who are bridesmaids in a special wedding ceremony. They are to change the styles they have done for the wedding to a different style the women can wear to the reception. But just when they think that is all, in walks their guest Judge, Tabatha Coffey! Tabatha is known for being blunt and cutting to the chase, so the stylists must really be on point, not only because of Tabatha but also because this is for an actual wedding.


Brian gets to pair each stylist with their model since he won the last challenge. After each stylist has their model, The work begins. But this challenge is not as easy as it may seem. They only have an hour and a half, and the wedding guests are waiting, but some of the women are not receptive to any change. Brian’s model wants something unique and is open to anything, while Amy’s model was shy and not willing to speak up about what she wanted. Brig’s model questions her every step of the way, and Adee’s model refused any product he wanted to use on her hair. Time seems to always be an issue, and they cut it real close, but the women need to be done on time for the reception.

As th reception begins, the bridesmaids are introduced to the other guests at the wedding, and their styles are revealed to the judges. Each model is asked if they got a style they wanted, and most are happy with the results. But now they must face the moment of truth. Judges Jonathan Antin, Kim Vo, and Tabatha Coffey go over each style. Jonathan is not blown away by Jon’s style, and Adee let the judges know that his model was uncooperative. Tabatha and Jonathan are clearly angry about Adee’s work, and they gave Janine and Brian the thumbs up for their work. Brig gave her model straight hair with three braids on one side, and is criticized for not trying to go for a more detailed style and is told by Tabatha that she gave up.

The top three are Jon, Janine and Brian, while Brig, Adee and Amy are at risk of being cut. Camila names Brian as the winner, and he has immunity from being eliminated next week. The dream of being Shear Genius on Bravois over, however, for Adee, and he is eliminated and sent packing back to England.

Stay tuned to see which of the next 7 will be eliminated!

Tune in next Wednesday at 10 pm EST to an all new episode of Shear Genius on Bravo.

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