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Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains — Going Down In Flames

February 25, 2010 08:05 PM by Ryan Haidet


Alliances are falling into place on Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains as a third contestant was booted from the shores of Samoa.  But before Tribal Council, one tribe dominated in a muddy Immunity Challenge as Russell kept to his evil ways by hiding some of his own tribe’s tools.

Apologies & Laughter

Night 6 back at camp, Tom asked James to be a bit more gentle next time.  James said all he had wanted to do was win, but his nasty actions toward Stephenie at Tribal Council really rubbed his fellow tribemates the wrong way.  JT, who had voted against Stephenie, apologized to Tom for voting against the alliance.  Although Tom accepted his apology right then, there was still a sense of betrayal in the air.


At the Villains camp, Parvati was giggling while cuddling with Russell.  Their endless laughter made it obvious to the rest of the tribe that they had formed an alliance.  The next morning, Coach talked with Russell about his bond with Parvati.  “For him to be following around Parvati is no strategy at all,” Coach said in a confessional.  Boston Rob joined their discussion and warned Russell to be careful by saying everybody was geting worried about their connection.  But in a confessional, Russell said he was a step ahead of everybody.  He didn’t care what they thought of his deal with Parvati.


The Disappearing Blade

Night 7 at camp, Russell walked away from the group and secretly buried the machete.  His reason?  To create chaos within his tribe like he did the first time in Samoa by dumping out their water and burning socks.  He felt like Boston Rob would panic when he noticed it was nowhere to be found.  But even worse — Russell said he was going to eventually take Boston Rob’s hat and hide that, too.  Uh oh.

Not Even Close

At the Immunity Challenge, it was a contest that first surfaced in Palau — sumo-style battles.  Using big padded pillows, the contestants had to try and push their opponent off the edge of the raised platform down into the mud below.  The first tribe to score eight points would win Immunity combined with Reward, which included their personal luxury items, coffee and a week’s worth of rice.


The Heroes scored the first three points as the rain started to fall.  Jerri and Cirie battled in a shockingly short match with Cirie scoring yet again for the Heroes.  Then JT knocked Tyson into the mud bringing their score to five, zip.


The most physical contest came between Boston Rob and Colby.  Although Boston Rob put up a good fight, Colby prevailed and nabbed the seventh point for the Heroes.  In the last battle it was Randy against James, and the latter easily won.


It wasn’t even close — the Heroes scored eight points in a row and quickly took victory.

Who To Trust?…

The Villains returned to camp and jumped in the water to clean all of the mud off.  Randy started sensing he was going to be targeted since he thought some of the guys were falling for the women and their flirtatious ways.  Tyson said it was smarter to keep Randy over Parvati since she has relationships with some people from the Heroes tribe.  Jerri seemed on board with that decision, too, since she was irritated with Parvati.  She even said she was ready to punch her in the face.


In the water, Randy told Coach that they need to wake up and start playing the game smarter.  Randy said if they vote him out that they would be joining Loser’s Lodge right after his torch is snuffed.  Moments later, Coach gave some babble about being honorable as the Villains walked to Tribal Council.

Up In Flames

At Tribal Council, Parvati said her loyalty was with the Villains even though everybody is worried she’s going to switch sides at the first sign of a merge.  Sandra talked about roles around camp, in which she made some negative comments about Coach.  He instantly got upset and told Sandra he resented her remarks.

After a small squabble, everybody cast their ballots and Jeff Probst revealed that Randy was the first Villain voted out of the game.  As he stood to give Probst his torch, Randy ripped the red buff off his head and tossed it into the fire.  And he kept his always evil-looking smirk smeared across his face as his torch was extinguished.


Images courtesy of CBS.

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