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American Idol: Ellen Degeneres’ Diva Behavior

February 26, 2010 11:00 AM by Nancy Floyd


Ellen DeGeneres has only been a judge on American Idol for a few weeks now but according to reports, she’s letting the new gig go to her head. The comedienne and talk show host has helped boost ratings for the FOX singing competition and thinks she deserves a few things in return. Keep reading to find out all about Ellen DeGeneres‘ diva demands…

Ellen DeGeneres is apparently really comfortable in her new seat at the American Idol judging panel, as evidenced by her outlandish and diva desires. According to an American Idol insider, the funny woman is “driving everyone crazy with demands.”

According to the insider, Degeneres wants to use her star power to pull a few strings for her family.  “Ellen is insisting that her wife, Portia de Rossi, be a guest judge in a future episode of the reality show,” the source says. A little nepotism never hurt anyone, huh? That’s not all the comedienne is after. She reportedly wants American Idol to give her a new Mercedes as a signing bonus, despite the fact that the ink on her contract has been dry for quite some time.

When American Idol hired Ellen DeGeneres to replace longtime judge (and former pop star), Paula Abdul, many fans and critics expressed concern over the daytime talk show host’s lack of music business experience. Degeneres clearly wants to remedy that now with yet another crazy demand. The American Idol insider also claims, “[Ellen] wants to do public appearances with Randy [Jackson] so that people will think of her more seriously as a music insider and not just a talk-show host.”

Degeneres has already made waves in the press for allegedly feuding with fellow American Idol judge, Simon Cowell. Could the dispute have something to do with dressing room size? According to the source, Degeneres, who has already started redecorating her dressing room, has made several comments about the fact that Simon Cowell‘s is considerably bigger than hers.

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