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Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains — Randy’s Fiery Exit

February 26, 2010 03:16 PM by Ryan Haidet


Although he may be classified as nasty, Randy Bailey may be one of the most charming villains in Survivor history.  He was the third person voted off of Samoa’s shores on Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains after a much different strategy compared to the first time he played in Gabon.  During a conference call with reporters, Randy revealed his motivation for tossing his buff in the fire at Tribal Council, offered his feelings about the other castaways from this season and weighed in on James.

Question: What made you want to throw your buff in the fire?

Randy Bailey: It wasn’t anger.  I wasn’t angry.  This was the first Tribal Council that I’ve ever been to where I wasn’t the slightest bit nervous.  I knew I was gone, and I was kind of saying, “The hell with this tribe.  The hell with this game.  I don’t need this buff anymore.  Let’s see if it’s flammable.”


Question: Were you surprised you ended up on the Villains tribe at the start of the game?

Randy: No I wasn’t.  I said this many times today that there’s two types of villains that were out there.  There’s the kind that screw people over like Russell and Boston Rob.  There’s also loyal villains like Coach, myself and Tyson — probably even Courtney.  They never really screwed anybody over, they’re just kind of snarky in their comments and that’s why we’re villains.  We tell it like it is.

Question: What was going through your mind when you were pitted against James in the challenge?

Randy: Going up against James I had just watched the Villains get their ass kicked seven to nothing, so there was absolutely no pressure on me.  We do that challenge a million times and I will win one of them — and that’s when he gets struck by lightning.  Talk about having no pressure.  I went up there and decided to have some fun with it and was doing what I thought was playful trash talking, and he didn’t quite take it that way.  But James has to live with himself.  I don’t have to live with him.

Question: What was the reaction at the Villains camp regarding his actions?

Randy: I don’t think James is the gentle giant that he was portrayed as his first two seasons.  I don’t think I will be voting for James for fan favorite this year.  I’m glad James gave it his all at the challenge.  I would’ve been pissed at him if he’d taken it easy on me.  What he did after the challenge was over, I’m sure no one regrets that more this morning than James.

Question: Talk about the day you made fire with Boston Rob.  How long did that actually take?

Randy: Rob had found a way to do it on the Internet using bamboo.  It really was an ingenious way, and it took all five of us to accomplish it.  We probably could have accomplished it with three or four people, but you had to have people sawing like crazy and someone up top applying pressure to increase the friction.  Actually, it was very simple.  What it didn’t show is we probably made fire five or six different times on that very first day because it was so wet we couldn’t keep it going.


Question: What was your strategy behind voting for Boston Rob?

Randy: We had been campaigning for the entire game for Parvati.  I felt that Rob took the easy way out and voted me out.  I was sending a message to everybody else that we watched him in two seasons already, and the guy is a scumbag.

Question: What was it like hanging out with Sugar at Ponderosa?

Randy: We both behaved.  There was no point in continuing to fight.  I adopted that strategy and I think she did, too.


Question: Were you surprised to see Sugar had been voted off first?

Randy: No, not at all.  What I was surprised about was they didn’t show my reaction shot.  I had been practicing that smile for months.  It was there, they just didn’t show it.

Question: Is there anybody else from Gabon that you expected to see there?

Randy: I knew who was going out there before the game started.  Corinne was asked to go, and she had work commitments, so she couldn’t go.  That could have been the difference.  You substitute Corinne for either Courtney or Daniel — or Danielle — I don’t even know her name, and there’s a different result last night.

Question: Is there anybody you think is missing from this season’s cast?

Randy: Yeah, and there’s some people in the cast that I don’t think should be there. …  In my opinion, as a fan, I’ve seen Rupert.  Rupert’s a great character, but it’s played out.  The guy roars and he fishes.  We know Amanda looks great in a swimsuit.  As a fan, I don’t want to watch that again.  I probably wouldn’t want to watch me again.


Question: How did the weather in Samoa compare to Gabon?

Randy: Huge, huge, huge difference.  Gabon was a walk in the park compared to this.  We had sprinkles two or three days in Gabon and that was it — and they felt good ’cause you were hot.  This season, it would rain, and rain, and rain.  There was no way to sleep.  I was out there eight or nine days and I think half the nights I didn’t get any sleep at all.


Images courtesy of CBS.

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