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Intervention: Shane’s Addiction To Painkillers

March 01, 2010 08:08 PM by Jennifer


Tonight on Intervention on A&E, we meet Shane. An accomplished cellist and music producer whose addiction to painkillers has taken over his life. Will his family be able to save his life before he goes over the edge?


Eight years ago after Shane was in a car accident, his doctor prescribed him OxyContin for his pain and injuries.  He has been addicted ever since, and his addiction has spread to several other pain pills which he snorts to get high. He sells the Valium and Xanax his doctor prescribes for anxiety to buy more pain killers.  He is high on painkillers all day and night, and he even sells some of his prescribed pills out of his own grandmothers house! She allows this behavior to go on because she had trouble with her
own son, and called the police, and it ruined his life, and she vowed not to do that to Shane.  His family is so concerned because the mixture of pills that he uses can kill him.

When Shane was 9, his father was injured at work and started to take pain medication, and spent most of his time laid up on the living room couch. His dad made derogatory comments because Shane chose to join the orchestra and play the cello rather than a sport.  His father did not give him the support he needed, and he felt awkward and just wanted to fit in.  When his parents divorced when Shane was 15, he and his twin sister Vanessa started to drink alcohol.  This made him more popular and known as a big partier.  When he was 16, he got into the accident that changed his life, and started him on his road to addiction.  It also started a close relationship with his dad, which he longed for, and they often did drugs together.

A year later, Shane found his father dead of a drug overdose, and Shane never got over his death, as he still goes to the cemetery and lies there for hours talking to his dad.  After his father passed away, Shane took a turn for the worse and that is where his addiction became severe.  When his sister tries to explain to him that what he is doing is destroying his life, he tells her that she shouldn’t talk because even though she is now pregnant, she used to do the same things that he did.


With his own family members enabling him, and his constant delusion of being in the Mafia and in the army, his mother and his sister see this as the perfect time for an Intervention on A&E.

As they meet with Jeff VanVonderen, the Interventionist, he tells them they need to stop putting up with his behavior, and make him go to treatment.  As Shane enters the room, Jeff tells him to hear his family out on what they have to say.  He listens as his poor sister says how much she misses her brother sober, and then his Grandmother speaks to him and tells him how she loves him and hates the Shane she sees now.  After hearing this, he said he would do anything for his Grandma, and agrees to get help. His family is so happy.  Shane leaves for a treatment center in Florida, and after two months, his mom visits him at the treatment center.  After she attended her own treatment , and he looks great!  He talks like a person who is sober, and has come to terms with his addiction.  He has been sober since November 2009.  Another successful Intervention on A&E!

Tune in next Monday at 9PM EST to Intervention on A&E to find out if another life can be saved. See you after the show!

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