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The Amazing Race Departs for Argentina

March 01, 2010 02:04 AM by Nancy Floyd

THE AMAZING RACE 16Tonight, on an all-new episode of The Amazing Race on CBS, the remaining nine teams (including former Big Brother contestants Jeff and Jordan) leave Chile for Argentina. Tempers flare in an episode that includes a poker-playing gnome, a gunslinging bandit, and a trip to the emergency room…

The Amazing Race is leaving behind Chile for Argentina tonight! The nine remaining teams must board one of two buses for Argentina and head to El Boliche Viejo, a saloon where Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid once hid out. Once they arrive, they’ll be expected to play five-card stud against the Travelocity gnome. A dwarf might’ve been ok, but those gnomes are notorious for their wicked poker playing skills.

The Cowboys (Jet & Cord) are the first team to leave, followed closely by Joe & Heidi and the Lesbian couple (Carol & Brandy). The first three teams to arrive at the bus station will board an earlier bus. The Cowboys aren’t too worried about their chances of making the first bus so they make a quick stop at a Chilean bar and, through a stroke of dumb luck, find an English-speaking woman who not only used to live in Argentina, but knows exactly where El Boliche Viejo is. The cowboys get directions and are prepared to take the lead once again. At the bus station, Carol & Brandy immediately start grilling Jet & Cord about how they managed to win the last leg of the race. It’s obvious that the lesbian couple initially wrote off the Cowboys as dumb rednecks but are beginning to recognize them as a legitimate threat in The Amazing Race. Jet & Cord don’t get a very “warm & fuzzy vibe” from Carol & Brandy so they desperately try to keep their distance. I definitely don’t blame them. Those ladies seem like they’d do anything short of knifing a couple cowboys to win this thing.

Meanwhile, back at the hotel, model couple Brent & Caite aren’t doing so well. Caite is shown throwing up and pretty much convulsing, while Brett’s beady eyes look like they might bulge out of his head. Unsure of what the real problem is, Brent & Caite head to the emergency room. As Brett waits in the lobby of the ER, like any loving and thoughtful boyfriend, he is filled with worry….over whether or not they’ll be eliminated from The Amazing Race. Nice.

The other six teams, led by Jeff and Jordan, are leaving the hotel one by one. After spending three hours “on IVs and such” at the hospital, Brent & Caite are hoping it’s not too late for them to rejoin the other teams. They arrive back at the hotel to see detectives Louie & Michael still standing around the lobby. Relieved to still be in the game, the models head to the bus station. The first three teams (Jet & Cord, Joe & Heidi, Carol & Brandy) make it on the first bus, while the rest of the teams, including Brent & Caite, hop on a second bus twenty minutes later. Caite is hoping to get some rest on the six-hour bus ride to Argentina. Everyone knows when you’re sick and just finished puking your guts out, there’s nothing you want to do more than spend six hours on a cramped, overheated bus driving down winding South American roads.

The two buses arrive in Argentina within minutes of one another and everyone races for El Boliche Viejo. Jet & Cord are in the lead as they arrive at the saloon and settle in to play cards with a garden gnome. Joe & Heidi and Carol & Brandy aren’t too far behind the Cowboys. Both teams manage to win in the first hand, leaving Jet & Cord to continue playing several hands. That friggin’ gnome has one unbelievable poker face and it takes these two cowboys a few more rounds to stop him.


After showing that gnome who’s boss, the teams race to find their next clue which gives them the details of tonight’s Roadblock. The challenge? Steer roping! Wow…could the Cowboys get any luckier!? The teams must lasso a target 18 feet away and pull it in to retrieve their next clue. As Jeff and Jordan are arriving at the saloon, the top three teams are beginning the Roadblock. Joe & Heidi and Carol & Brandy struggle, but it only takes the Cowboys two tries to rope that wooden steer. Apparently, that’s one try too many as the boys are a bit embarrassed about their poor performance. Next up: drive to Puente Nirihuau for their next clue.

Jeff and Jordan win at poker and head to the lassoing roadblock. Carol & Brandy finish the task while Jeff tries to master it. Meanwhile, brothers Dan & Jordan and Brent & Caite still haven’t even arrived at the saloon yet. Dan & Jordan are having car troubles (i.e. they don’t know how to drive it) while Brent & Caite are arguing about directions. Father/daughter team, Steve and Allie, arrive at the saloon, crush the gnome at five-card stud and head to the Roadblock. Jet & Cord are the first team to arrive at Puente Nirihuau where they discover a Detour.

The two challenges in tonight’s Detour are called Horse Sense & Horse Power. In Horse Sense, teams must use an old-time compass (read: wooden sign) and count their steps to find a bag of loot buried at specific coordinates. Once they find the loot, they have to travel to the train station to deliver it to the lead bandit. In Horse Power, the teams must ride atop a wooden horse and play polo. They have to score a goal in nine swings or less. A lassoing roadblock and a detour that involves horses? This leg of the race was clearly designed for the Cowboys. Jet & Cord are disappointed to get to the polo field and discover that they don’t actually get to ride on a real horse. It’s no matter though because they fly through the detour and are heading to the Pit Stop before most teams even finish their lassoing.

The Amazing Race 16

Back at the Roadblock, Jeff manages to channel his inner cowboy and get through the lassoing exercise, with Steve finishing close behind. At the Detour, Carol & Brandy decide on Horse Sense but argue incessantly the entire time. After wandering around aimlessly for what seems like hours, they decide to give up and try their hand at Horse Power. Jeff and Jordan find the loot they’re looking for at the Detour but don’t realize they need to deliver it to the bandit at the train station. Thinking they’re doing something wrong, they head back out in search of another bag of loot. Joe & Heidi make it to the train station but realize they have the wrong bag of loot. It’s off to the other Detour for them.

In a surprising turn of events, Steve and Allie complete the Horse Power Detour and jump into second place. Brent & Caite finally arrive at the saloon (in last place) but breeze through the poker game. At the Roadblock Monique and Shawn are still stuck trying to lasso while Brent finds success on the second try. Is that a skill they teach you at modeling school?

Monique and Shawn are still struggling so they begin praying aloud for God’s help. Apparently, God is in the business of giving teams success in The Amazing Race because on the next try, Shawne nails it! They still have a lot of work ahead of them, while in another part of the country, Jet & Cord are arriving at the Pit Stop and finishing in first place for the second week in a row. Jeff and Jordan are still searching for bags of loot while the Ray Romano voice twins, Louie & Michael are arguing about their coordinates and end up finding Jeff and Jordan’s loot instead. After his third attempt of trying to deliver the loot to the wrong guy, Jeff finally realizes the clue says to deliver it to the train station. Recognizing his own idiocy, he comments to partner (and girlfriend), Jordan, that they should never reproduce. I have to agree. Meanwhile, at the pit stop, Steve and Allie and Carol & Brandy finish in second and third place respectively.


Dan & Jordan decide to give it a go at the polo field, where Jordan picks out the cutest uniforms for their team. Jeff and Jordan finally find the bandit and deliver him his loot and make their way to the pit stop. Joe & Heidi finish in third, while Dan & Jordan are struggling to hit the polo ball further than three inches with each swing. As they attempt to finish, Brent & Caite, Louie & Michael, and Monique and Shawn arrive at the polo field. It looks like it’s going to be neck and neck between these four teams for the finish.

Third time’s a charm for Dan & Jordan as they finally figure out a method that works and finish the polo challenge. While Dan & Jordan race for the Pit Stop, the Big brother team Jeff and Jordan finish in 5th place. Brent & Caite and Louie & Michael finish the Detour while Monique and Shawn are forced to start over. Brent & Caite are elated to finish in 7th place, with the Louie & Michael right behind them in 8th. Monique and Shawn have switched to the Horse Power detour and don’t finish for quite some time. It’s evening when they reach The Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan who tells them they’ve been eliminated. Monique and Shawn are proud of their hard work and the example they’ve set for working mothers.

Tune in next week to The Amazing Race on CBS as the teams head to Germany. For other great The Amazing Race news, please feel free to check out SirLinksALot: Amazing Race. Discuss on our reality TV message boards.

Photos Courtesy of CBS

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