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The Bachelor: After the Final Rose!

March 01, 2010 08:57 PM by Candace Young


Chris Harrison starts the episode of The Bachelor: After the Final Rose on ABC, saying that Jake made his decision from the heart, and that Jake and Vienna will be on the show later to share all of their plans for the future! Read on for highlights…

Chris brings Tenley out to a standing ovation from the studio audience. Tenley admits to Chris that she is nervous – and certainly feels trepidation at seeing Jake. Chris and Tenley watch a montage of Jake and Tenley, ending with the moment where he told her they were through. Tenley tears up as she watches – she tells Chris the hardest part of all that was that she was somewhat confused – she didn’t understand when Jake said something was missing.


Chris points out that she still seems to have some unanswered questions, and asks if she’d like to see Jake – she would. Chris tells her to take a deep breath, hen introduces Jake. They embrace and then sit down. Tenley makes the crowd laugh by saying he smells so good!

Tenley asks Jake if he’s happy. He says he is – it was the best and worst day of his life. Tenley asks again what it was that was missing – Jake thinks he still may not be able to put it in words. He says the magical spark wasn’t there, and he doesn’t know if it’s because he was so intent on searching for it… Tenley asks about the physical connection thing – he says she made him feel, but it was an issue somehow. Tenley asks if it was a little unfair to Vienna that he was still so attached to her. Jake says he and Vienna had that spark that they didn’t, but his heart still hurts for her, and she has a life friend in him.

After Tenley is gone, Jake tells Chris that Vienna’s his baby – he’s never had this much heat in a relationship before! He says he got everything he thought he wanted in a relationship and a million other things. They discuss how you date outside your comfort zone on this show, and learn more about yourself. Chris points out that it is controversial that he’s chosen Vienna. Jake defends his choice, saying she is the best girl for him – everyone will have to trust that he let his heart lead.


It’s time – for the first time in public, Jake and Vienna as an engaged couple! They hug and kiss, and Chris congratulates them. Vienna is excited that they can be out in the open now! Vienna describes that fantasy moment of walking up to Jake and having him propose. Jake admits he was pretty sure that she would say yes, but he was nervous too.

Chris asks Vienna how tough it’s been since they returned to the States with all of the tabloid attention. She says it has been difficult. Jake adds that they are painting a picture of her as a person who has no values, and that’s just not true.

Jake and Vienna tell Chris that Vienna is relocating to Jake’s place in Dallas immediately. They will introduce their families, and enjoy some normalcy before making wedding plans. Chris says ABC is sending them back to St. Lucia as a gift! But there’s more – Jeffery Osbourne is there to perform “On the Wings of Love” in person! Jake cracks up, and then he and Vienna slow dance!


Chris Harrison says the wait is over to find out who will be the next Bachelorette - she’s there tonight! Chris introduces Ali! She comes out and he tells her not to cry yet – they’ll have plenty of time for that! Ali is nervous, but says she appreciates the support she’s received from the fans. Ali vows not to make the same mistake she made last time and let fear dictate her life. She says she’ll be looking for a funny, quirky, and smart guy – and she wants 50 of them to choose from!

Chris notes that The Bachelorette will begin this May. Coming up next week is Jason and Molly’s Wedding!

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  1. whitepony09 Says:
    March 2nd, 2010 at 5:17 pm

    i’m not happy at all with you jake i thought you would know better than this why in the world would you pick that girl that you picked i dont understand your own family did not even like vienna you really messed up i think Tenley is really the girl for you and you broke her heart she really loved you vienna is not in love with you she just wants what she can get from you look how many times she tried to get in you bed this really suck the way you did tenley and you will find out that you made a big misstake thank you faye


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