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The Bachelor: Jake’s Final Decision

March 01, 2010 12:25 PM by Nancy Floyd


The highly-anticipated season finale of ABC‘s The Bachelor is just a few short hours away and everyone’s dying to know if the rumors are true. Does sexy pilot Jake Pavelka really give his final rose to Vienna? Jake chats with PEOPLE magazine about his final choice, how similar Vienna and Tenley really are, and whether or not a wedding will be in his future…

Surprisingly, this season of ABC‘s The Bachelor, centered around self-proclaimed good guy Jake Pavelka, has turned into one of the most scandalous and controversial seasons ever! It all concludes tonight on ABC during the two-hour season finale where viewers will see who Jake finally chooses: bleached-blonde cross-eyed bad girl, Vienna, or sugary sweet and slightly cheesy divorcee, Tenley. To fans, it seems as though the final two women couldn’t be more different, but The Bachelor himself doesn’t agree.

“The way they express love is very different but when you get them down to their cores, they’re exactly the same girl. I think people will probably see that by the end. That was comforting to me actually because it would be strange if I had fallen hard for two opposites. Both of the women are fun and have a ton of energy and big hearts,” Pavelka says, adding, “They have the same family values. They just express them differently.”

As for his final choice (which he has said in the past will “shock” and “disappoint”), The Bachelor is hopeful that viewers will understand. “I just hope that everybody understands the decision I made because I’m the one who has to live with it. The show will keep going, another season will get under way and the public will move on to being obsessed with another person’s budding romance, but my life will keep going so I tried to make the best decision I could, the one that I could live with. I still feel like I made the right decision now a few months later. I’m happy because of that,” Pavelka says.

So does that mean wedding bells might be in his future? “Hopefully. I can’t say whether it will come from someone I met on the show, but that is a life experience I don’t want to miss out on. And I would like to have it soon. That’s why I did the show in the first place,” The Bachelor says. He doesn’t sound too optimistic to us.

Fans will have the chance to see how The Bachelor and his final rose recipient have fared since filming the finale a few months ago during an After the Final Rose special immediately following the finale. Also in store? The announcement of the new Bachelorette. It’s rumored to be fan favorite, Ali Fedotowsky, but we’re still holding out hope that she magically returns in tonight’s finale to win Jake’s heart once and for all. And it seems we’re not the only ones. Regis Philbin stated today that he doesn’t think we (or Jake) have seen the last of Ali on The Bachelor. Here’s hoping…

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