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The Bachelor: Season Finale!

March 01, 2010 08:00 PM by Candace Young


Tonight on ABC, Jake Pavelka will come to the end of his journey as The Bachelor. Still in St. Lucia, Jake comments that he’s fallen in love there, with two women, Vienna and Tenley, and now has to figure out which wonderful girl he’ll propose to! As the episode kicks off, Jake is reunited with his family…

Jake shares tearful greetings with his parents and siblings, who have come to St. Lucia. Jake muses that he’d have a hard time marrying someone who didn’t hit it off with his family. He explains to his family members that he wants their opinion on each of the two women, and begins to talk about Tenley and Vienna. Jake’s mom asks if Vienna is the one who everyone disliked. Jake nods. Wisely, mom says sometimes there is something to that! Jake is silent.


Tenley is the first to meet Jake’s family. He feels that they will be surprised to note how different Tenley and Vienna are from one another. Tenley is a little thrown by the sight of several siblings, but graciously meets them all including his parents. She tells them she fell for Jake due to his character and values. Tenley compliments his parents on the example they have set for Jake, and causes his dad to tear up.


Tenley goes off with Jake’s mom and assures her that this is very serious for her. Mom asks Tenley about how she would handle conflict with her sister-in-laws, since she is hoping that her daughter-in-laws will be the glue that holds the family together when she’s gone. Tenley relates back to an experience from her past. Mom decides she’d be honored to have Tenley in the family – she’s a sweetheart. The sibs seem to agree, telling Jake that she seems like they type of woman he should be with.

It’s time for Tenley and Jake’s dad to chat. She gets choked up as she tells him how she feels about the idea that they could someday be her family. She confides that she was hurt by her past in-laws, and is hoping for a loving family in the future.

Mom gives Jake the thumbs up on Tenley, but he admits he hasn’t done any roughhousing with Tenley yet. His mother advises him to come clean about how goofy he can be – he grew up with brothers. Jake takes Tenley into the pool fully-clothed – she goes along with it without a second thought. Jake’s brothers and their wives follow!


It’s time for Vienna to meet the family. Jake worries that she’s at a disadvantage because he told his parents ahead of time that the other girls didn’t like her. Vienna greets mom with a big hug, and sits down to chat with everyone. Jake’s sister-in-law immediately picks up on the way Vienna disses the other girls from the show, and tells the camera that she didn’t have a lot of class in the way she spoke about the situation. They sit down to eat, and Vienna boasts about how bluntly honest she is – Mom tells the camera that Vienna isn’t connecting with the family.


Jake goes off with his mother at her request – she tells him she is concerned about Vienna’s ability to get along with the other girls – she worries that she may not connect with the sister-in-laws, and may start picking at Jake too along the line. Jake realizes it’s just not happening between his mom and Vienna.

Jake’s brothers also warn him about Vienna. Jake says he feels like he’s trying to convince them to like her. Vienna, meanwhile, speaks with the sister-in-laws. They ask what her friendships, and her difficulties with the girls in the house. Vienna says she’s had issues with women before, but not like in the house. The sister-in-laws marvel at how confident Vienna is that she will become engaged to Jake.

Jake’s mom takes Vienna aside and is very direct about her issues regarding Vienna’s problems getting along with people. The sister-in-laws tell Jake that they thought Vienna was abrasive at first, but then realized that she loves him for who he is – they appreciate that. Back in the house, Vienna cries as she tells Jake’s mom that she can’t imagine going back to Florida without Jake. Mom announces she’s changed her opinion.

Jake and Vienna

The pair meet up for their final date – at a volcano and sulfur spring. They are soon getting down ‘n dirty in the mud! Jake notes that they can’t keep their hands off one another – the natural chemistry is that strong. They rub mud all over each other and kiss passionately before rinsing off, and sharing a toast.


Vienna prepares to see Jake later that night – she declares that she is in love and will give Jake the promise ring that her father gave her as a special gift. Jake arrives and they sit down to talk. She wants to know that it’s more than a physical attraction between them. Jake assures her he came to meet his best friend. They discuss her brief first marriage, and then she gives him the ring with a love note. They lay down on the bed and kiss. She tells him she is scared, but he doesn’t comment. A rumpled Jake leaves Vienna.

Jake and Tenley

Jake and Tenley are going on a boat to visit a couple of coral reefs to snorkel on their final date. Out on the water, they observe dolphins swimming alongside the boat, then put on their gear to take the plunge. They explore the sea life, and each other, underwater. Back on the boat, she asks if something is wrong. Jake says he’s tired, but they cuddle. Jake tells the camera that he is very confused emotionally right now. Jake, in his diplomatic way, asks Tenley about their lack of heat. Tenley is hurt, because she feels passion for Jake, but he obviously has more with Vienna. Jake worries that he has hurt her feelings.


Vienna prepares for the evening portion of the date, but she is concerned about what will happen considering how the date went earlier. Jake comes to the door, and they get comfortable. Tenley tells him she wants to have a good time tonight, but first she wants to know more about what he was trying to tell her. Jake apologizes for his timing. He tells her the things he loves about her, saying he was glad he could be honest. They talk and connect – Jake says she’s amazing. They decide to drink champagne in the bedroom. She presents him with a framed collage of their time together as a gift. He loves it. She vows that tonight she will prove their chemistry is real in every single way!

Jake wakes up the next morning not knowing who to propose to between Vienna and Tenley – neither is better than the other, they’re both just very different. Tenley wakes up feeling nervous, but says Jake makes her feel safe, and that’s the kind of man she needs. Vienna wakes up thinking of Jake. She notes that he knows she has flaws, but they love each other.

Jake welcomes the jeweler to choose an engagement ring. He is still flip-flopping as to who he will propose to – like every half hour! The jeweler is stunned that he still doesn’t know, and tries to help him, but Jake feels the rings almost made it more confusing – he ends up picking two rings so he’s prepared for either eventuality.


Jake is scared about his lack of clarity. He stares at both rings and waffles some more. He seems to make a decision, saying one woman has his heart just a little more than the other, but he doesn’t know how he’ll cope saying goodbye to a woman he’s in love with.

The Final Rose

Tenley arrives by helicopter in a gorgeous gold gown. Chris Harrison welcomes her, and sends her on to meet Jake. He tells her she looks beautiful, and that there are so many things he loves about her – they’re so much alike in so many ways. He cries as he says she’s perfect, but something doesn’t feel right – he has no idea why. Tenley also cries as she says that it hurts, but she appreciates his honesty – because of him she believes she can love again. They embrace tearfully, and she questions his decision briefly, before he walks her to the bridge, and she leaves.


As Jake waits for Vienna to arrive, he notes that he would never ask a woman for her hand in marriage unless he was 100% sure. He adds he knows what is in his heart, and he knows what he’s doing is right. Chris greets Vienna, who is in a green venetian-style gown, and takes her to Jake. He tells her she is beautiful, and is an amazing woman, but says there is something she needs to have – he gives her back the promise ring, saying she needs to have it. Jake then says there is something else – he loves her. He drops to one knee and proposes! She says ‘yes’, and tells him she is so happy!


Jake then asks her to accept the final rose, and the cheesy song, “On the Wings of Love,” sees the episode to it’s conclusion.

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