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American Idol 9 March 2 – Top Ten Guys Perform!

March 02, 2010 07:58 PM by Candace Young


Ryan Seacrest opens American Idol 9 tonight on FOX by explaining that the girls were slated to sing tonight, but Crystal Bowersox was taken to the hospital and was forbidden by her doctor to sing. The guys agreed to switch nights, so they will perform this evening! The contestants are introduced, as well as judges Randy Jackson, Ellen Degeneres, Kara DioGuardi, and Simon Cowell. Read on for all of the highlights…

The show begins with some insight on contestant Michael Lynche, who shares that he is big into dramatic arts and actually went to a high school geared to same. Tonight, Michael takes the stage in a black suit and commands the audiences attention immediately with a bluesy tune that seems just right for him! Randy tells him he feels like right now this season is getting rollin’! He calls the performance unbelievable! Ellen deems it the one to beat – it was fantastic! Kara says he went from being a singer to someone who could be a hit artist – she’s feelin’ it! Simon agrees – what a difference – and it was exactly the right song choice for him!


John Park, who admits that English is his second language (he began learning it in grade 4), is up next. In a simple white t-shirt and jeans, John perches on a stool and ‘focuses on the honesty’ by singing a soft John Mayer tune. It’s certainly an improvement from last week! Randy says that genre is definitely his vibe, but he didn’t find anything special about it. Ellen feels it was an improvement, but he should feel the song more. Kara calls it a big improvement, but warns that it’s hard to connect with him – he needs to take some risks. Simon thinks John’s band may get their lead singer back after this – it was forgettable.

Casey James says people would be surprised to know that he’s not had a television for most of his life – and he hadn’t watched American Idol before auditioning for the show! He is performing I Don’t Wanna Be by Gavin DeGraw, which has been done in the past by the likes of Bo Bice and Elliot Yamin. Casey is wearing a black shirt and jeans, and is playing electric guitar. He has a raw delivery and some good licks – I like it overall. Randy can see him making this kind of music and doing well. Ellen thought he sounded great, and loved the guitar – but she wishes he would move more on stage. Kara stuns everyone by saying that Casey took three steps backward tonight! He didn’t take the song to another level! Simon jokes that Casey must not have returned her calls! He then says that Casey’s performance could have been seen in any rock bar in the country – he agrees with Kara.


Ryan Seacrest introduces Alex Lambert, characterizing him as the most nervous contestant by far. Alex admits he routinely throws up before football games and stuff! This week, Alex is in an easter egg blue shirt and matching plaid jacket with jeans. He uses the stool and acoustic guitar set up, and sings Everybody Knows. He sounds quite good, but still looks a little stiff onstage. Randy says it’s such an improvement from last week – he enjoyed it. Ellen agrees – so much better, the confidence was up – she likes it. Kara notes everyone is rooting for him – he has an incredible, recordable voice! Simon pronounces it a million times better – but warns he needs to have a killer instinct now. That seems unlikely in the adorable, mullet-haired young man, but Simon points out that one need only be nervous if one is useless – and Alex has a great voice!

Todrick Hall, who took some heat for his take on a Kelly Clarkson song last week, will try his luck with a Tina Turner tune this week. Dressed in a black dress shirt and pants, with a black leather jacket and tie to complete his look, Todrick does a drastically slowed down version of What’s Love Got To Do With It. He pumps it up a little toward the end, and tones down the dancing this week. Randy criticizes that Todrick once again changed the song arrangement way too much. Ellen says it wasn’t the right song, it wasn’t a current song – she hopes he gets another chance. Kara clarifies that they all like him, but the simpler Todrick has disappeared. Simon doesn’t wish to be rude (?) but says that he should stick to dancing – he is getting this completely and utterly wrong.


Jermaine Sellers rocks onesie pajamas – and is proud of it! Tonight, Jermaine is singing What’s Going On by Marvin Gaye tonight. He is sporting an old school look with light denim, a bowtie, and a faux-hawked hair. He croons the lyrics with a grin. Randy remarks that it’s definitely better than last week, but it still wasn’t great. Ellen loves his style, but thinks the song was off a little bit. Kara says he’s hitting some crazy notes and doing some good runs – but he’s always doing too much – it feels forced. Simon says they’re all frustrated because he waters down the song by playing around with it so much. Jermaine asks what he should sing next week, but Simon warns he may not be there.

Andrew Garcia is performing tonight without his guitar. He’s wearing a slick looking suit and scarf, and sings James Morrison’s Give Me Something. It’s rather thin, and maybe a little off at times – not the best for him. Randy says it was pitchy all over the place, and not really his vibe. Ellen acknowledges the pitchy spots, but she liked it. Kara says it’s gone downhill since he blew them away with the Paula Abdul song in Hollywood. Simon tells Andrew it was just okay, and it’s a problem that he has picked the wrong song two weeks in a row.


Photography lover, Aaron Kelly, is set to give his ‘old school’ performance now – singing My Girl by the Temptations. Trying for a more confident vibe, Aaron has dressed all in black and looks more comfortable moving around the stage. His singing sounds pretty good, although there are rough patches here and there. Randy says the first half of the song was great – he liked it. Ellen notes he was much more confident, but maybe he could have chosen a different song. Kara really liked it – he had some twang and vibrato – a big statement for someone his age – she thinks he’ll get better and better. Simon feels the song was a little all over the place, and the arrangement was too old-fashioned – he needs to show what kind of artist he will be. Kara bickers – she liked it!

Tim Urban is set to take the stage next singing Come On Get Higher. He is wearing a simple ensemble of white pants and watermelon pink t-shirt, and accompanies himself on guitar. His performance is better than last week, but Randy didn’t get it. Ellen agrees, saying he could be an actor who sings – that would work! Kara liked the song choice, but he didn’t make it his own – she would still like to see him though. Simon surprises Tim by telling him it was a marked improvement and that he listened to the criticism from last week and moved forward – well done and congratulations!


Lee Dewyze is the last contestant of the night singing Lips Of an Angel. Wearing a simple blue t-shirt and jeans, Lee sings a raspy version of the tune which starts out sounding good, but has quite a few off spots. Randy acknowledges the pitch problems, but says he still liked it. Ellen notes he was really in that song – it was great. Kara calls it a big improvement, but the pitch problems are still there. She can imagine hearing him on the radio. Simon tells Lee that vocally he is head and shoulders above the rest of his group, but he looks terrified!

Tomorrow night on FOX’s American Idol, the Top Ten Girls perform – Reality TV Magazine will be right here with the highlights and judges commentary!

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