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Millionaire Matchmaker: Mateo & Jimmy D.

March 02, 2010 09:08 PM by Jennifer


Patti finally focuses on herself for a moment and chooses a wedding planner on tonight’s Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo.  But it is soon back to work for two Millionaire clients, Mateo and a returning Jimmy D. Will the second time around be the charm for Jimmy?


Vegas party animal and Real Estate mogul Jimmy D. is back to see Patti with what he says is a new attitude and now he vows to be a gentleman, and maybe he will stop talking in the third person. After being beaten up, he feels that he is a changed person inside, and he is more calm and knows what he is looking for. But can he abide by Patti’s no sex before monogamy rule. Patti tells him he needs to weed out the blond bimbo party chicks.

Patti’s newest client, Mateo, is a hedge fund millionaire who is looking to settle down and focus more on love than business.
But he is very particular on what he wants, and expects Patti to give it to him. When Patti meets him in person, he tells her he is a born again Christian, and his match must be religious. He has been cheated on before, and Patti tells him he must get rid of his laundry list of requirements and let her and not his penis do the picking.

During the recruiting session for dates, Patti weeds out girls that look like hookers, are total opposites for Mateo and Jimmy. She still needs girls who are religious for Mateo, as well as some down to earth types for Jimmy’s “new” personality. The night of the mixer, Patti is pleased to see that Mateo is dressed casually, and she explains they are going to meet the girls and get to choose their mini and main dates.

Jimmy D. talks to alot of ladies, and he seems to flock to the flighty looking blonds, which she told him not to do. But Mateo starts talking to a girl that Patti does not recognize and confronts her. Turns out she is Jewish anyway and he is looking for someone who is Christian like he is. He also picked a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, who had a problem with religion, which was a problem for him. After the mixer, Mateo likes Andrea, who Patti was trying to steer him away from because of her faith. Jimmy of course picked 2 blonds, one of which tried to be whatever he wanted, and the other who held a good conversation with him and peaked his interests named Jacqueline. Jimmy picks Angel, who Patti said had no brains. Mateo picked Andrea, the Jewish girl Patti just met tonight as well. This should be interesting because of their different backgrounds and faiths, and both guys went waaaayyyy off Patti’s matchmaking radar.


In the midst of their matchmaking mayhem on tonight’s Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo, Patti wants to reward matchmaker Chelsea’s hard work with a surprise birthday party that includes a stripper disguised as a cop! As the girls party it up, Jimmy takes his date Angel to Vegas, and they take part in an high stakes poker game. But something is off, and she is acting really nuts, and he has smelled alcohol on her since he picked her up. Lucky for her she ends up winning the poker game. After the game, the couple goes up to the hotel room to change, and she is missing for over an hour. Jimmy calls her cell, and she does not answer. He goes to her room and she is obviously hiding something because she will not let him in her hotel room.

Not only does that make him mad, but she actually had the balls to ask if she could keep some of the money she won playing poker, the money that he put up for her! He ends up leaving her in her room to go have dinner. He goes downstairs and calls Patti, and he tells her that he should have picked a girl Patti originally wanted for him, Whitney, and she ends up coming to Vegas to have his dinner with him. She is a dark haired beauty who has depth, which is a first for him. They hit it off great, and Whitney tells Patti that they will continue to talk and see each other. When she meets with Jimmy D. he expresses his interest in Whitney, and Patti hit the mark with that one.

Seems like betting is the theme of the night as Mateo takes his date, Andrea, to the horse track, where she has never been before. They have a great time, they kiss, and he makes her feel special. During conversation, the topic of religion comes up, and she says she would never convert. He asks the question of kids, and she said they would have to be Jewish. They are both pretty set in their minds and that seems to be a deal breaker. So Patti has to go back to the drawing board on this one.

Tune in next Tuesday at 10PM EST to Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo to see if Patti can make another love connection! See you after the show!

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