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American Idol 9 March 3 – Top Ten Girls Perform!

March 03, 2010 08:05 PM by Candace Young


Tonight on FOX, it’s time for the Top Ten girls to perform on American Idol 9 in hopes of staying alive for another week! Two of them will go home tomorrow night, along with two of the guys. Will you agree with judges Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson, Ellen Degeneres, and Kara DioGuardi tonight? Read on for highlights of each performance – and the commentary!

The episode begins with Ryan Seacrest checking in on Crystal Bowersox, who was in the hospital last night. She assures him she’s feeling better and is ready to compete.

Crystal Bowersox is, in fact, the first to go live tonight. She is wearing a casual black mesh cover up over simple clothes, and is accompanying herself on guitar. Her song, complete with back up singers, sounds very strong and soulful. Randy loves that she’s not trying to be anyone else – she’s hot! Ellen calls it pure, raw, natural talent – she’s amazing! Kara notes she recovered from last week – it seems effortless and focused. She congratulates her on hitting a new level. Simon acknowledges how ill she’s been, and admits he completely underestimated – he says we’ve got a really serious artist here!


Performing a Miley Cyrus song this week, will be Haeley Vaughn, who was criticized for choosing a Beatles song last week which wasn’t age appropriate for the sixteen year-old. She takes the stage in a black and white dress to sing The Climb. Haeley stands at the mic and doesn’t seem all that relaxed, although her vocals are fairly strong. Randy tells her it didn’t work for him at all. Ellen agrees that she wasn’t connected to the song at all. Kara feels she needs about a year of strengthening her talent, but she’s a great spirit on stage. Simon says it was a mess, and in theory it should have worked – but what’s the point of climbing a mountain if you’re going to fall off? The music, and Ryan, cut Simon off mid-sentence. There’s a moment of tension as Ryan confronts Simon, asking what the point of saying that was?!

Lacey Brown is good to go next. The antique lover with the flaming red hair, has chosen Kiss Me – Kara’s suggestion from last week – as her song tonight. Dressed in a white dress with black patterning and shoulder pads, Lacey seems infinitely more comfortable in her skin singing this tune, and gets the crowd up on their feet clapping along – it sounds great! Randy calls it a good song choice, but says he felt like he was at karaoke. Ellen disagrees – it was good, and adorable. Kara notes that her tone is what is special about her, and this song brought this back, but she has to step it up from here. Simon thought it was better than last week, but he worries she is merely competing rather than showing who she truly is as an artist.


Katie Stevens is the next contestant to perform live. She will be trying a more current song this week as well due to criticism of her choice previously. Noting her friends have a viewing party going on back home, Katie takes the stage to sing Put Your Records On dressed in a flirty sleeveless blouse over black tights. She moves around the stage and her vocals are very good. Randy liked her best in the higher register, and feels she can tackle some bigger songs. Ellen likes her voice, it’s great, but she still wants to see her younger somehow – not something they would play in the dentist’s office! Kara agrees – she’s frustrated with Katie – she needs to have more impact. Simon says she’s failing to tell them what kind of artist she wants to be.

It’s time for Didi Benami to give it her shot tonight. She is dressed in a pale pink paisley dress with a wide belt. Didi tells Ryan she prays and meows (as a warm up) before taking the stage! Singing Lean on Me, Didi perches on the stool and sings a slow, soulful arrangement of the tune. The tempo picks up at one point, and Didi stands up and shows what her voice can do. Randy says he wouldn’t have chosen that song for her – it showed more what she can’t do! Ellen loves her voice and energy, but agrees about the song choice. Kara states that it wasn’t good, and her uniqueness was lost. Simon says it was all over the place and a poor choice of song – very generic.


In an interesting move, Michelle Delamor has decided she will tackle a Creed song tonight! Saying she’s taking a risk, she comes onstage in a white dress and black leather crop jacket to try her luck with Arms Wide Open. It’s considerably slower than the original, and doesn’t really seem to be working at times. Randy likes her outfit, but she didn’t do enough with the song – and it was pitchy. Ellen agrees that she looks fabulous, and liked it better than Randy. Kara calls it her favorite performance of Michelle’s ever – it wasn’t technically perfect, but she listened, and believed in it. Simon says he’s kind of with Kara – she didn’t choose a safe song, and she attempted to make it her own.

Lilly Scott is up next – she tells Ryan she’s been working all week on improving her stage presence and opening up her eyes! Wearing a black dress with tiny colored accents, she sings really well with her very unique voice. The audience is enthusiastic. Randy loves that she is so unique – his favorite performance tonight – he loved it! Ellen agrees – she’s got ‘it’! Kara tells Lilly she just had her first ‘moment’ of the competition – she was riveted! Simon says this really makes the point they’ve been trying to emphasize to the contestants about showing who they are, but he compares her to Crystal, who he felt was better tonight.


Katelyn Epperley tells Ryan that it’s been pretty intense backstage with the girls – they are all concerned about being original enough. The hopeful, who would like to open her own recording studio someday, will sing The Scientist by Coldplay. Accompanying herself on the piano, and wearing a pencil skirt and one-sleeved white blouse, Katelyn shows beautiful vocals as she sings the haunting song. Randy notes it was way slow, but it was great – he really liked it. Ellen fell asleep a little because it was way too slow. Kara understands what the others are saying – but she loves her! She has an incredible instrument – she’s seriously good – but she needs to figure out who she is. Simon thought it was a smart choice of song, but she has to work on not being corny when she performs. He feels she’s put herself back in the race.

Paige Miles, who likes to color, says her performance last week was the best time she ever had in her life! She will continue with the same energy, singing a Kelly Clarkson tune, Walk Away. In a boho outfit, scarf, and big earrings, Paige does the stand at the mic thing, but bursts into movement as the tempo picks up – her performance rocks. Randy liked it, but wasn’t over the top in love with it because it may not have been the best song choice. Ellen loved it – she thought it was fantastic! Kara, who co-wrote the song, says she missed out on the angry vibe of the song – she shouldn’t have been smiling. Simon agrees with Randy – not the right song choice – he feels she’s getting lost in these songs the past two weeks.


Siobhan Magnus, who Simon calls ‘a funny little thing’, will close tonight’s show. Photos of Siobhan from about a year ago are shown – she used to look punk – complete with a mohawk! She will perform Think by Aretha Franklin on stage. She is dressed in a trendy little blue dress and wearing a headband. Siobhan gives some raunchy attitude to go with the song – she seem very comfortable in front of an audience – and gives some big vocals! Randy calls her bold and fearless, saying she slayed it! He loved it! Ellen did too – it was so good! Kara still can’t over the last note! Simon comments that she is such a strange person – he means it as a compliment – she’s very, very talented!

Tomorrow night on American Idol – it’s a results show – four more contestants – two girls, and two guys, will be eliminated. Come back to Reality TV Magazine to see if your predictions were right!

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Photos Courtesy: FOX

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