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Ghost Hunters: 100th Haunting Episode

March 03, 2010 10:21 PM by Ryan Haidet


For five frightening years, the TAPS team has been searching for spirits all over the country.  Tonight, SyFy‘s biggest hit — Ghost Hunters — kicked off the new season with a two-hour special to celebrate its 100th episode.  In their latest investigation, the now well-known spirit seekers hit Alcatraz.  Scattered throughout the investigation were live interviews with the TAPS team where they answered questions from viewers.

Live (or dead) From New York…

Josh Gates hosted the live segments and introduced the haunted history of Alcatraz.  Separated a mile offshore in San Francisco Bay, the United States used the ominous island to hold military prisoners — the worst of the worse.  In fact, Al Capone was an early tenant.  There was an area known as the hole that only featured a toilet and a light bulb.  Their mattresses would be removed for hours at a time to enhance the punishment.

But when the cost became too expensive, Alcatraz closed in 1963.  But 10 years later it re-opened to the public as a tourist attraction.


Haunted History

After taking their short boat ride to the Rock, a tour guide, who looked like a pirate, dished the dirt on all of the haunted happenings.  When the prison was open, there was a two-day war on the island dubbed “The Battle of Alcatraz” in which three prisoners and two guards were killed.  They then went to Cell Block D where solitary confinement called home.  Next, they were taken to the dungeon (the Citadel), which had been solitary at one time until it was determined cruel and unusual punishment.  Then they headed to the medical wing where one person said he felt somebody run past him.  He thought it was his colleague, but he wasn’t around at the time.


Some Things Haven’t Escaped Alcatraz

They set up their cameras and went dark as the investigation of Alcatraz kicked off.  Jason and Grant first started in the Citadel.  They almost instantly heard what they believed sounded like footsteps.  “Can you make that sound again for us?” Grant asked.  And a direct response came immediately from a creepy voice that sounds like it was saying, “No.”


Steve and Tango went to the medical ward where the infamous Bird Man of Alcatraz was held.  And in one of the most ridiculous, corny moments in Ghost Hunters history, Steve brought in a feather to hopefully connect with the ghost.  I found myself giggling nonstop — sorry.  Suddenly, they got strange readings on the EMF detector.  They returned to the medical ward and the smell had totally changed to something soapy.  They said the smell was moving around the room, which made Steve wonder if that was what the spirit smelled like.  Come on!  Sheesh.


The two girls went down to the Citadel next with Dustin trying to catch a creepy voice.  They, too thought they heard somebody say, “No.”  In Cell Block D, two of the other investigators thought they could see something moving down the hall.  By far, this seemed to be the most genuinely creepy moment.

Awesome EVP

The analysis wasn’t too thrilling, but the reveal delivered with an incredible EVP.  Jason and Grant had captured the voice of somebody saying the name of an inmate.  Truly creepy and very cool.

Although there were some extremely corny moments, it’s good to have Ghost Hunters back.  Can’t wait for more!

Images courtesy of SyFy.

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